Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekend Review 53: WI Fishing Opener

Don't let the title fool you, I did zero fishing even though it was fishing opener in the great state of Wisconsin. I did however, take a nap under the sun lake side, launched the pontoon boat, took my first voyage of the season, played a game of bags, got a tad sunburned, splashed in the lake with my cousins kids, played with a baby turtle, watched the Wild lose the first playoff game against the Blackhawks and more.

This was a big weekend since it was the first time Mike has been to our cabin and the first time he met my mom, sister and brother in law. I wasn't too concerned about everyone liking each other or getting along. The weekend went pretty much as good as it could get.

He wasn't drilled with 1,000 questions under a spot light, and he was very helpful when it came to any chores we had to do, like putting the decking on the dock and getting in the not quite warm lake in just his trunks to dig a hole for the boat lift tires.

I know I keep talking about the weather we've been having, but this weekends weather could not have been more perfect. It was upper 70's and sunshine the whole weekend, with a nice breeze off the lake. Definitely t-shirt and shorts weather.

When we arrived on Friday night, everyone's focus was finding a way to stream the Wild game and after a few attempts we got it! Unfortunately the Wild lost (and lost again last night).

Saturday was a typical early morning for me. Once a few more people woke up, I made breakfast while Kayla, Joe and my dad put the fishing boat in the lake so they could get some fishing in. Then we spent the day like we would any other hot summery Spring day, minus the swimming part. Music, beer, yard games, misc chores, cleaning up the shore line, etc. For some reason, working outside by a lake, doesn't quite feel like work.

On Sunday Kayla and Joe left in the morning to beat the traffic home and the rest of us took a boat ride around the lake to show Mike different points. I was getting a ride home with my parents since Mike was leaving from the cabin to go on a business trip, which meant I wasn't driving anywhere and could enjoy a glass of wine on our mid afternoon cruise.

Since the day just kept on getting nicer and nicer, mom, dad and I lingered a bit and just took in the sun and scenery before packing up and heading home.

Miley takes after her mom and likes to be in the sun no matter where she is.

April and May have really spoiled us with some nice weekends, so Summer has some big shoes to fill. I can't wait to spend most of my weekends soaking in time at the cabin with friends and family. Unfortunately it will be two weeks until I am back up, but it's the kickoff to Summer, Memorial Weekend!

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