Friday, May 29, 2015

The B Behind The B

Often times I see people posting about the 'Boy Behind The Blog'. Well it's been about nine months since we've been together, so I thought I'd introduce you all to the B behind my blog.

Friends, meet my bike Polly!

This is just a picture of a picture of Polly. She was gifted to me from my family for my 30th birthday. She's a single speed, gold finch yellow, Schwinn Cruiser. Someday she'll get a basket.

When Polly was first delivered to my home we had a quick ride up and down the alley before she hibernated in the bike room for the past  9 months. Last night she called me up and begged to stretch her wheels so I took her down and we went cruising!

Minneapolis is a HUGE biking city with paths for miles and miles with a bunch of bike gangs, so it was a bit intimidating at first for Polly to find the right time to enter the Greenway.

Once Polly found her stride she cruised like she's never cruised before (probably because she's never cruised before). We discovered parts of Minneapolis that we've never seen before.

A hotel off the Greenway that has a back deck with a DJ during happy hour and has bikers specials.

A rather large soccer stadium.

Public gardens, both produce and flowers.

A bike/coffee shop where bikers can stop in and fix their bikes or chat with other bikers over some coffee.

Lot's of different artwork.

And a homeless man peeing under a bridge.

Our final stop was the Martin Olav Sabo Bridge. I've seen this bridge in pictures, but never in real life. I came around a corner and there he was!

Polly took me across the bridge where the view of downtown Minneapolis is phenomenal.

At this point ol Polly's wheels were getting a little tired so we decided it would be best to turn around and take a more leisurely cruise back home.

I don't know if it's Polly's bright yellow color, the turquoise in my helmet or the shit eatin grin I had on my face, but Polly and I got quite a bit of attention down on the Greenway. I don't think they see too much of our kind around those parts.

Bikers whizzed by us, luckily they didn't whizz on us, one even said, in his Speedy Gonzalez voice 'nice yellow bike!', I yelled back 'thanks!'.

I wonder where all the cruisers hang out? I think Polly needs some more friends.

I have plans for me and Polly, big plans. Like cruising to movies and music in the many parks. All I need is that basket to hold my wine.

I hope you all liked learning a little bit about Polly and our first ride together. If you see her out on the Greenway or the lakes, make sure to say hi!

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