Wednesday, May 6, 2015

She Sweats Week 4

I'm not sure what it is, but after my week three was thrown off, it's been hard getting back in to my gym groove. Regardless, it's week 4, the final week in the second segment and I'm ready to bust it out.

W4D1 - Legs, boy oh boy was it leg day. When I've been doing my weighted step ups, I usually just go in to the empty class room and put together a step about 4 blocks high. This day the gym was pretty empty, I think it's the awesome weather, so I did my weighted step ups on a bench and that height difference burns! Then I felt like a fool because I saw there is actually a step machine where you can change the height. I'll throw that in the ol memory box for the next time one of the workouts calls for step ups.

W4D3 - Chest and back, chest and back, oh how I don't hate chest and back. My alarm went off at 5:10 AM and I snoozed it while internally arguing with myself about how tired I was because I had to stay up and watch the three part mash up with Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and Law & Order SVU. I eventually got myself out of bed, quickly dressed and scooted over to the gym. I love going in there when it isn't very busy because it means that I'm able to get through everything pretty smooth. I'm still using the same amount of weight as the previous week, but I felt good and I can feel the burn, 371 calories burned that is!

W4D5 - Legs and shoulders. The free weights area was surprisingly busy this morning so I didn't use free weights for my shoulder press and instead used the machine. I feel like with a machine I push myself a little harder with how heavy of weights I use, so I was definitely feeling the burn when I completed my reps.

Since I haven't been as consistent these last two weeks, I started to use the Pact app. You make a pact with yourself to go to the gym 'x' times a week and if you miss your goal, you pay 'x' amount in to the pot.

Example: I have a pact that I will go to the gym 4 times a week and each day I miss, I pay out $10 per missed day.

You can also make pacts that track your food intake. It syncs with My Fitness Pal and you have to enter a whole days worth of food with a minimum of 1,200 calories. I passed on that pact because I'm horrible at tracking my food over the weekends.

I am however, participating in the veggie/fruit pact. You just take a picture of yourself eating a serving of fruits or vegetables and other 'pact-ers' vote on your picture to verify that it is in fact a healthy choice.

Pacts run from Monday through Sunday so when your pact is complete, you are awarded in $! Who doesn't want some extra bills as an award for living a healthy lifestyle?

*These thoughts are 100% my own and I am not being compensated in any way. I just really like the idea of being rewarded for staying on track and living a healthy life.

W4D7 - Biceps and Triceps. This has proven to be one of my lest favorite days mainly for the moves that I need to use the cable rope. It's so awkward and rubs the skin of the outside of my hands. Definitely a struggle too, after using the shoulder press machine and using heavier weights than I'm used to.

I am glad I used the should press machine though, I'm really feeling the soreness and I feel like that's proof to myself that I pushed myself as hard as I could.

Tomorrow starts Segment 3: Secure and I'll be doing this for three weeks as well.

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