Friday, May 8, 2015

Pic Drop

I've been taking more random pictures lately that get lost on my phone, so because it's Friday, and I don't want anyone working too hard by having too much to read, here's a bunch of pictures from my phone.

Pretty blooming trees on my walk to the morning bus.

Nico's Tacos & Tequila for Cinco de Mayo

Two dogs, one bed. they don't look like they were forced to be in there together, do they?

Too much beer. Drinking is tough!

Just before the WI border is a cheese curds and french fry stand at a gas station. Of course we tried some.

Chapstick for daaayyyysss!

I'm pretty certain this is Leonardo as a boy. TMNT shoes, backpack, sunglasses, hat and a stuffed turtle friend. Waiting at the bus stop with his body guard...or he was trying to find his way back to the sewer.

Big fire in North Minneapolis. For the past five weeks I've seen at least one fire burning from my office windows. We need rain! But at least I can flush my toilets.

When you get courtside seats, you run in to some silly characters with style that's on #fleek. No, he did not have a big red nose.

Safety first when drinking. You don't want to hurt yourself.

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