Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekend Review 52: Docks on Docks on Docks

It was another gorgeous weekend around these parts, which means that I spent it up at the cabin. I scooted out of work a little early and was able to beat any traffic heading North for the weekend.

The main project for the weekend was continuing to put the dock together and get it in the water. I assisted by making sure the parents stayed hydrated and fed. Occasionally I was called in to do some real work, like making sure I still like Big Gingers. Yup, I do!

By mid afternoon it was time to start rolling the boat lift and dock pieces in to the lake. Once the neighbors saw my dad in his waders, a couple of them came over with theirs and the rest came over to supervise.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. When it comes to neighbors, we got lucky. They always offer to help, and even when we say we don't need it, they still help.

We were able to get one piece in and the docking on. The rest of the pieces are in and will be connected to finish the dock this coming weekend.

Miley is already enjoying the sun on the dock. I'm so excited for Summer time and spending most of my weekends soaking up the sun and playing in the lake.

On Sunday morning I packed up and headed home so I could meet some friends out for brunch. We went to Louie's Wine Bar where they have bottomless mimosas and you can switch up the flavor you want as you go! I stuck with the classic orange juice, but you could choose between, grape, grape fruit, hibiscus and cranberry juices.

Since it was so nice out we walked over to another bar that had their garage doors open so we could enjoy the sun and warmth while watching the Wild win the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs!

My favorite thing about Sunday Funday is that you get to be out and enjoy the weather and you're home and in bed nice and early. I got a solid 12 hours of sleep and feel quite wonderful for a Monday.

I'm counting down to this coming weekend because the weather is supposed to be even warmer, we'll put the boats in, finish the dock, it's WI fishing opener (which I will not partake in), and the Mr. will be coming up for the first time.

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