Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Weekend Review 51: Docks & Rocks

This past weekend really made me believe that Summer is just around the corner. Friday night Mike and I hung out on his patio enjoying the warmth and sun with some pizza and cold beverages. I'm looking forward to more nights outside, grilling up some grub and just enjoying the season.

Saturday morning I packed up my car and headed up to the cabin to enjoy a day of sun. My parents bought more dock this year so we can expand. I helped my dad bring the new pieces down to the lake so he can get everything put together and hopefully put the dock in this coming weekend!

We're moving the location of the dock so that meant also expanding our current 'beach'. For a lake that's called Big Sand, it sure does have an awful lot of rocks. Mom worked on digging out the rocks and I moved them for her. Hopefully this won't be an all Summer long project.

A lot of the neighbors were up and it was a beautiful night for a fire so we all gathered around their fire after dinner. We really lucked out when it comes to cabin neighbors. There's never a dull moment with them.

When I got back in to town Mike and I had plans to take a walk around a lake near his house. The weather decided to do a 180 and it's been cold, rainy, and I even saw some flurries. That worked in my favor since I was tuckered out from the weekend and we were able to stay in and watch the ACM's.

After finally getting over the cold/sinus/allergies I was fighting for the last week I'm getting back to the gym tonight to continue on with the She Sweats 12 Week Program.

I went to the grocery store last night and spent the whole night prepping my food for the week, so everything should finally be on point.

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