Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekend Review 50: Wisconsin Dells

Friday afternoon Mike picked me up from work and we started the 3.5 hour drive out to the Dells. Everyone arrived around the same time and it didn't take long before we were all in our swim suites and headed off to the first waterpark of the trip.

Klondike Kavern had a lot of small slides for the little ones, and a few larger slides for the adults. We raced down a few and then would be dumped in to the not so lazy river. This park had a ride called the Hurricane and it was way more thrilling than I had expected. This pool also had an indoor/outdoor hot tub we finished up with.

We went to dinner at a fancy little steak joint called Fields with the couple that we shared a room with. I do recall the food was quite delicious. We all ordered steaks and a couple bottles of wine. I always like to keep the cork from fun dinners or trips.

When we got back to the hotel, everyone came in to our room to play games, and I slept through the whole entire thing.

Saturday we all got to sleep in, well those of us without kids, and we headed to brunch before checking out another pool.

This time we went to the Water Dome that had a wave pool, some kiddie slides and an adults only swim up bar. The swim up bar also had an indoor/outdoor pool so we grabbed our drinks, found a spot outside in the sun and that's where we stayed until the shade came back around.

Being in water with a drink in my hand, the sun on my face and the fact that I was in Wisconsin and not a Caribbean Island, makes me so excited for Summer and getting up to the cabin!

The whole group had an early reservation at a local restaurant where we had a pizza buffet. Just what you need after a day of throwing back Coors Light.

When your whole weekend is spent in a pool, there are zero pictures to document what went on. So maybe I didn't even go to the Dells at all, that's for you to decide.

Today is the Twins Home Opener!

Go Twins!!

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