Monday, April 6, 2015

Weekend Review 49: Eastering

On Friday night the cousins on my mom's side of the family got together for our third annual girls night. There are so many of us that we try to get together, just the girls (and sometimes babies) for a night of chatting, eating and drinking.

This year we strayed from our normal Irish fare and went with a Mexican theme. I brought a Mexican Corn salad that was pretty good and seemed to go over well with the crowd. There was shredded chicken and beef, tamales, chicken enchiladas, a taco plate, guac and all the taco fixings. And for dessert there was fried ice cream.

There's so much going on with everyone, new babies, babies on the way, upcoming weddings, new relationships, travels, etc.

The only picture snapped was of me showing my old age and falling asleep while others were still going strong. That's the Irish in us coming out.

I got home pretty early in the morning and watched some Lifetime movies on Netflix. Can I tell you how happy I am that Lifetime movies are on Netflix! They're so dramatic!

I somehow found the strength to get to the gym since I wouldn't be able to go on Sunday with the holiday hours. It was all legs with one shoulder move and I'm feeling it today. I wrapped up at the gym just in time to get home and cleaned up before I had to pick up the ol boyfriend from the airport.

We went over to one of his buddies to watch the Badger vs. Kentucky game. We were the only ones cheering for UK, and unfortunately, as we all know, UK lost. If UK won I would have for sure taken 2nd in my work pool, and if they took the whole tournament I would have taken 1st. I'm so bummed WI won, and I'm most likely going to stick with 3rd place. At least I get my entry fee back.

Sunday morning I headed over to my parents pretty early so I could use their mandolin to make the Pioneer Woman's Scalloped Potatoes. I just didn't add ham since we were going to have ham with our meal, but overall they seemed to be a hit with the family.

Both my sisters and brother in law + 'boyfriend' in law came for brunch at my parents. We were each tasked with bringing an item. I brought my potatoes, one brought rolls and the other brought champagne. Since no one was really drinking, there was plenty of champagne left over so I stayed at my parents and helped them drink a bottle or two and get in some solid Miley time.

I'm sad to say that it's a gross, rainy Monday, but we're 1 day closer to going to the Dell's this weekend and the Twins home opener next Monday! Fingers crossed the weather Gods bless us with a warm and sunny day. Sometimes I miss the Metrodome where it was always 70 degrees and sunny.

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