Friday, April 24, 2015

She Sweats Week 3 Cont'd + Food

I finally kicked whatever took over my body for the last week and made it back in to the gym for a morning workout. W3D5 felt so good! I walk to the gym every morning because I'm pretty sure it would take me longer to drive there, and that walk helps loosen up my legs and gets me pumped up with some good music so once I enter the gym I'm ready to go.

As I was going along and doing some deadlifts with dumbbells, I dropped a weight on my pen and busted it. Oops!

I decided to wear my heart rate monitor to see how many calories I burn lifting weights and I was impressed!
Legs & Shoulders + plank (includes walk to/from gym)

The other night I went to the grocery store and spent the night prepping food for the week. I've said all along that's the last piece I need and I should see better results. Here's what I had for the week.

I like to workout on an empty stomach, otherwise I feel nauseous and that's not good. When I get back from the gym I have two multigrain waffles with maple syrup and a small glass of chocolate milk.

Mid morning snack is either string cheese with cantaloupe or greek vanilla yogurt with some grapes.

Lunch is a salad with a hard boiled egg, slice of bacon, feta or blue cheese and whatever protein I had left over.

Mid afternoon snack is celery and peanut butter.

Dinner is usually some kind of meat, usually chicken on the George Foreman and a heaping side of veggies, either broccoli or green beans because I have a ton of those right now that need to be ate? eat? eaten?

If I'm still hungry and my sweet tooth is calling I'll go for some dark chocolate chips. If I didn't have my yogurt, sometimes I'll mix the chips in with the yogurt since it sort of tastes like whipped cream, in a not so whipped way.

I wrapped up week 3 with biceps and triceps. Again I wore my heart rate monitor and beginning to end, I burned 371 calories. There's just one more week in this segment before I move on to some new moves.

I picked up some new work out gear earlier this week and realized I matched my outfit to my shoes. #OnFleek

I've enjoyed going in to the gym every other day and picking up the same weight I used a week prior and having it be too light. It's proof that I am getting stronger, even if I'm not seeing the physical results just yet.

Bring on week 4!

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