Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekend Review 48: Ice Off!!

After work on Friday I drove up to the cabin. It was my first time up there since November so it was fun to see the changes that have happened over the winter, such as my parents completely redoing the kitchen, again. This time it's 100% complete and will not be taken apart again.

Even if there's nothing going on at the cabin on Friday nights, I still like to get up there, get settled in and have the opportunity to sleep in on Saturday. I'm really not sure what sleeping in is these days, but it's nice to know the option is there.

Since we were up early on Saturday the mimosas started flowing around 9:00 AM. I made breakfast for mom and dad while we discussed what the days goals were going to be. It was quite simple really. I just had to burn some wood scraps and keep an eye on the lake.

I had never been to the cabin for ice off. It's a pretty neat experience, yes, neat. My parents had been posting videos of the lake and all the sounds it makes in the morning, so I was glad I got to experience that in person. As the day went on the lake stopped making a lot of noise, but it did not stop entertaining.

Whenever the neighbors saw us taking pictures of the lake they would come out and check out what was going on. At one point, most of the shore was open about 20 feet out. Then all of a sudden the ice started to move towards shore and as it was pushed up it shattered back on to itself.

On Sunday when I woke up it started to rain and that really helped to open up the lake even more. I hung around until mid afternoon, enjoying a rainy day at the cabin with a book and my two furry buddies.

By the time I left you could just see a line of ice floating in the middle of the lake. It's so exciting to know that by now the ice is totally off and soon we'll be able to put our dock in!

My parents have a guest book for people to sign and share what happened during their stay, so it's fun to look back and read what went on during this time a year ago. And a year ago we had just had a big snow storm and watched a snowmobile pull a canoe across the frozen lake.

Bring on Spring!

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  1. Sounds like a cool experience to witness! That is totally foreign to this southern girl! I feel like such a wuss thinking about how cold the water is up there even in the summer time, while I complain down here when the lakes/pools are 90 degrees. Ha!