Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Weekend Review 45

This past weekend really wasn't one worthy of sharing since not a lot went on, but it's Wednesday, half way through the week and I figured, why not just recap what went down.

Friday night the Mr. and I went to dinner at a restaurant by his house. I had heard about this place for a while now since some friends live a block away. In my head I kept thinking it was a dive bar where people hung out and downed PBR's all night. I was so wrong. It's a nice, busy little restaurant that serves food like bison burgers made with horseradish and bacon, topped with a pickle aioli sauce and a craft beer list twice the size of their food menu.

After dinner we watched Foxcatcher which was one of the longest most boring movies I've ever sat through. I'm pretty certain had we not been watching it together, neither one of us would have forced ourselves to sit through the whole thing. Good thing we had a giant bottle of the cheapest wine we could find at the liquor store that was already cold. The wine was more entertaining then the movie because it was so bad, yet we continued to drink it. 'No wine left behind' I say (when I die I hope they put that on my tombstone...and pepperoni and pineapple because that's the only way to eat a pizza).

Saturday took me to my parents nice and early so I could get some laundry done, play with Miley and catch up on Vanderpump Rules. How the heck does James stick with Kristin who is so obviously still in to Tom and not in an 'oh, my heart hurts because I cheated on you and then you broke up with me and now you're happy and I'm not' way, but in an 'I'm going to stalk you until you get a restraining order against me and I'm locked in prison because if I can't have you no one can' kind of way. #crazypartyofone

Saturday night brought me back to the Mr.'s for dinner and a movie. For Christmas I gifted him a Plated gift certificate and he finally used it. We made steak gyros that I thought turned out pretty well. It was kind of fun to put in a group effort and both work on the meal. We watched the movie Lucy with Scar Jo. I don't want to ruin it for you if you haven't seen it, but it's really good up until the last 10 min where it goes all sci-fi. My least favorite genre of movies. If you like butt-kicking and drug smuggling, then turn it off with approx 10 min left.

Finally we get to Sunday. The best Sunday of the year because it's day light savings and we lose an hour of sleep <- insert sarcasm. I got to get up extra early because I had a volleyball tournament an hour away.

The tournament started out a bit rough. We lost our first three matches and then had a short break. Something during that break clicked with the girls and we won two matches in a row! It was so fun to watch the girls actually having fun and playing like a team. Physically, they didn't do a whole lot out of the norm, because they have the skills. Mentally, they were in it, they worked with each other instead of working against each other and it resulted in two wins.

Even with two wins in a day, they had only had two wins all season prior to this tournament, it still resulted in parents calling the club director and asking why their daughters aren't winning more matches. The next time we have a practice with all the players, we are going to have a 'Come to Jesus' meeting where the girls can get everything out. They know exactly why they are losing so many matches, they just don't fix it and it's not really something a coach can fix.

So here we are, it's early March and I've had the pleasure of having my windows open, going sans tights, carrying my winter jacket home instead of wearing it, driving with the sun roof open and going for walks around the lake in a single layer of clothes! I know I can't get too excited, but this weather has been the perfect remedy to boost my mood this week!

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