Thursday, February 5, 2015

Weekend Review 43: At least we're consistent

This weekend really wasn't one for the history books so I'll keep it brief. Friday night I met my cousin who is going to Cabo with us for happy hour before meeting the Mr. at my apartment for dinner at Salsa A La Salsa and some music at Old Chicago. The band was pretty good but we didn't get to listen to them much. Once we arrived, they played one song and then took like, an hour break so we skidaddled.

90% of the rest of my weekend was consumed with volleyball. We had a two day tournament that started at Macalester College where we played ok, but just barely won our first match before being completely dominated 25-1 during our second match. by the third match on Saturday, the girls gave up.

Sunday took us further East to Stillwater High School. Our first match was great! The girls played really well and it was a close match through both games, but unfortunately we just couldn't pull out a win. The same trend as Saturday followed where we just went down hill drastically the rest of the day. It was very emotionally draining for me and the other coach.

After the tournament I was able to make it to the Mr.'s friends to watch the Superbowl and get my mind off the last day and a half. I think I was the only person cheering for the Seahawks, please don't hate me.

I'm so glad that when I was playing volleyball there was no text messaging or email at the tip of your fingers like there is today. If there's one thing that will lead me to not coach again, it's the parents. When I got home from the Superbowl party, I checked my email and had several from parents and several from the same parents. It left me tossing and turning all night.

We have a tournament on Saturday so hopefully the girls have checked their attitudes and we can pull out a win or two.

And that my friends was my weekend. I leave for Cabo in 2 days and my excitement level is through the roof. Ya know how when you get so cold you start to feel hot? I feel like I'm so excited for this trip that my excitement isn't quite showing. Make sense? Probably not. Welcome to my brain.

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