Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cabo 2015 Pt. 1

Just over a week ago my parents picked me up at my apartment and we headed for the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport. After a swift check in at Sun Country and a short line through security, vacation was officially underway.

We lunched at Surdyks where the bubbles went down very smooth before we boarded our flight.

When we arrived in Cabo San Lucas there was a car waiting for us. Nothing makes you feel like VIP more than a driver waiting with a sign with your name on it with some cold beers and a black Escalade.

On the way to the resort we stopped at the store to get some essentials like beer and breakfast fixings. I love that most car services in Mexico now include that as part of their service so you don't have to leave the resort again unless it's to replenish.

Night one I forgot a camera but it was probably one of my most favorite nights of the trip. We walked the beach to find a restaurant that was still open and came across Moxito. We all ordered margarits and the Mexican sampler that was loaded with quesadillas, chili relleno, steak, rice, beans and a few other items I'm sure I'm missing.

As we left dinner, we walked the beach back to the hotel and the moon was just starting to rise. It was so big and orange. On top of that the beach was covered in bioluminescent. I really wish I had captured this somehow. It was truly a magical night.

Our first couple of days were dedicated to the beach. We took full advantage of being on vacation and started the day's with beers on the beach, swimming in the ocean, making friends with the wait staff and finally enjoying the sunshine and warm weather!

We were on the quiet side of the building which meant waking up to the sun rising over the ocean every morning. My cousin and I shared the pullout couch in the living room so we were able to sleep with the sliding door open and fall asleep and wake up to the waves crashing.

After our first full day on the beach we went to Maria Corona for dinner. It's a cute little restaurant out of the tourist area/marina and we sat in a little courtyard and enjoyed our dinner. We tried to go off the beaten path for most of our meals, and those were our best meals of the trip.

To be continued...

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