Friday, February 20, 2015

Cabo 2015 Part 3 - Whale watching

After a couple days of laying in the sun on the amazing beach, we took a day off and headed in to town to explore some local food and markets.

The only thing we wanted to accomplish for the day was to book a whale watching tour. There are people around every corner that want you to book with them. As we approached a corner, there was a young man sitting in his booth and he just asked if there was anything he could help us with. It just so happened that he works for the group that my parents time share is through.

I asked about whale watching and that turned in to us booking a zodiac excursion and learning all about A-Rods life. This young man has quite the story but was so helpful and personable. He was born in Mexico and when he was young his family made it to Arizona. He finished high school there and was working in a car wash when immigration busted the store and he was taken to jail before being deported back to Mexico.

His sisters are still in Arizona and his parents are in Mexico City and he is in Cabo, working away, selling excursions. He told us some of his favorite places to go for good local food and we were able to try some of them such as Pollo de oro and Mariscos Las Tres Islas, which I went to last year.

Whale watching day came and it was cloudy and the waters were choppy. Perfect conditions for whale watching! Excuse the over load of pictures.

After whale watching, Erin and I went our own way while the parents ventured out on their own. We walked some more of the marina and came across some locals cleaning and filleting fresh fish! It was so cool to watch!

Anyone could buy any amount of fish that they wanted. I couldn't believe how they used every inch of those fish and anything left over went to the pelicans.

We could feel some light rain so we headed back to where we started and found cover at a restaurant where we shared a bucket of beers and a quesadilla.

We were supposed to meet up with the parents, but since the day was young and we had such a fun time at Cabo Wabo, we thought we'd go one more time for happy hour! The clouds started to part and our server kept giving us happy hour prices so we hunkered down for a couple buckets and enjoyed the people watching.

We had one more restaurant on our list of restaurants to try during this trip, so we headed back to the resort to clean up and head out to Maria Jimenez. I was so tired during this meal from all those buckets of beers earlier in the day, but I remember liking my food. 

There was the cutest little boy, Fabrizio (sp?) who helped serve our table. I think they said he was only 10 years old. When we wrapped up dinner, we each gave him a tip and he went around the table and gave us each a hug.  It was a cute little restaurant and I would go back there again.

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  1. Love all the whale got some great shots! And that fish cleaning station, all those birds (I HATE BIRDS) and that HUGE fish that guy is cleaning...WOW.

    Awww...sweet story about Fabrizio! :)