Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cabo 2015 Part 2

I left off my last Cabo recap by letting you know we tried to stay out of the tourist areas/marina for our dinners. Since my aunt, uncle and cousin had never been to Cabo before, I suggested we head to the marina to walk around, read some menus and see if there's anything that tickles our fancies.

We walked around for a bit before a young man really tried selling his restaurant/menu to us. We said we were just walking around for a bit and would be back. We made it all the way around the Marina and nothing really stood out to us, so we headed back to the eager young man at Pochos.

After my mom went around to all 5 tables in this restaurant and asked the people dining if their food and experience was good and they all replied with enthusiastic yes's, we agreed to stay and eat.

We started the meal with table side caesar salad. The dressing was great but we needed more lettuce for the amount of dressing they served. As we moved on to our entrees 4 out of 6 ordered the surf and turf special. 4 out of 6 people disliked the surf and turf special. My dad ordered kabobs which he barely touched and I ordered chicken alfredo. The sauce was good, especially for a restaurant sauce, but I had to swim around and find the noodles and chicken.

The look of someone who sort of enjoyed their meal, and someone who did not
No one was happy with how the meal turned out. Whenever you are looking for a good restaurant in a tourist area, look for the ones that are busy but they aren't trying to sell you on their menu. When you have someone giving you a hard sale, walk away.

Since the night was young and we needed to boost our spirits, Erin and I had a plan to continue the night with drinks. Cabo is an easy city to walk around in and with this being my third time there, I felt like I knew the place pretty well.

I led the group to Cabo Wabo where we thought we'd stay for a drink, listen to their live band and then head back to the resort. We were so wrong. One drink led to another, then another followed by our parents telling us to grab a table inside where the band was moving to!

After closing out the tab approx 3 times, the parents left and Erin and I stayed and danced to a few more songs.

It was refreshing to hear the parents say they were glad we took them there and that they had a good time. I had only been to Cabo Wabo once before and it was for a quick lunch. This place is huge and, even though it's the definition of 'touristy' I will absolutely be back!

Coming up, a whale of a good time on a not so sunny day.

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  1. Too funny your mom quizzed everyone on their food, but bummer you didn't all enjoy it!! Sounds like a great trip so far! Cute dress, too!