Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Weekend Review 41

Do you ever have that feeling that everything is right in the world, well, your world at least? The last couple of weeks, something clicked and life has been splendid. I can't say that there was one big event that happened to make me feel this way, but it's all small things that are just continuously going well.

I've really been enjoying Classpass these last couple of weeks. I've mostly done barre classes, but I've noticed a difference in my body, my mind and my mood. I'm giving Classpass and my motivation to go to these classes while my membership is free a huge shout out as to why I feel like life is falling in to place. I'm making myself and my health a priority.

40* means you don't need to wear long pants in MN!

Friday night I spent with the man friend. We had a very relaxed night since I had an early morning wake up call. We watched Sex Tape which I was expecting to be really funny, because that's what I had heard. It was not. I'm not a big Cameron Diaz fan, but I'm a huge Jason Segel fan. Save your $1 at Red Box and wait until it comes out on Netflix.

Saturday morning I was out the door by 7:30 to make it to a coaches clinic that lasted way too long and was kind of pointless. At least we had an entertaining instructor and she involved the class and gave us plenty of breaks. We even finished about 30 minutes early which worked in my favor. I was there with my little sister who coaches another team and she left the clinic sick, so I helped coach her team who had their first tournament on Saturday.

This gave me approximately 60 minutes to get from Rockford to Maple Grove with a stop for a whistle and new tennis shoes.

I was able to hop in to Target and get my whistle and then scoot over to Kohls for some new tennis shoes since you can't wear outside shoes on the courts. I walked through the shoe aisles looking for anything that was a 10 and not ugly. I found some pretty ones from Reebok. Before I knew it I was off to Ralia to coach a team I didn't know and to coach my first tournament ever!

The girls were up against some tough teams, but they did win one match!

Sunday I had my teams tournament. It's so interesting the difference between a 14's team and my 16's team. 14's are loud, encouraging, cheering for their team on the sidelines. 16's are dead silent, they are in their own heads too much.

We didn't win a single game, but we did slowly progress throughout the day. You could see the fear and nervousness on every girls face. They definitely didn't give it all they had, so hopefully that was just first tournament jitters and we can knock those out for our upcoming tournaments.

Luckily, after my volleyball filled weekend, I had MLK Jr. day off from work so I could get some things checked off my list. I did about 3,000 loads of laundry in between grocery trips with my mom to Costco and Whole Foods.

When I finally got home I prepped my food for the week, put all the chicken I purchased into individual baggies to freeze, cause ya know, dinner party of one over here (well, most nights any way) and finally got to use the mini food processor I got for Christmas!

I am 18 days away from jet setting off to sunny, warm Cabo which means being on point with my meals. Since plain chicken is so, well, plain, I added some homemade pesto sauce and it was so good! I don't think I'll ever buy pre packaged pesto ever again.

And that brings us up to date. Basically, you can expect a lot of the same in the coming weeks. February through April are huge tournament months for volleyball and we have several that will be 2 days and some 3 day events coming up. I'm really going to cherish those one day tournaments.


  1. I thought the Classpass thing was just something going on in MN, I'm excited to see they offer it here near me in Houston, too! I'll have to check it out, after reading about it on several blogs now!

    You need to share to pesto recipe. Looks yummy, and it's one of my favorites!

  2. have you kept up with ClassPass? Found and pros/cons to it? I'm nervous I won't be able to get into the classes I want because they'll be full or not available (currently at CorePower, but thinking about switching to ClassPass for more variety). Any insights you have would be awesome!