Monday, December 22, 2014

Weekend Reviews 38 & 39: Catch up

The last couple of weeks have been incredibly busy, especially since I've been battling quite the cold/allergy/sinus/chest congestion bug that's been going around for a solid week now.

Let me see if my mind is clear enough to remember what I did a week ago.

I went to my parents to watch the dogs since mom was having a sleep over at one of her sisters and dad was up at the cabin. I think he's moving a door, because that's what you do in the winter in WI. You raise exterior doors so someday you can lay a proper floor.

This nugget claimed me as hers and it was absolutely lovely.

Saturday I went to my cousins house where their family gathered to make 1,000+ cookies. I taste tested said cookies and played with kids and got my baby holding fix.

Sunday was the typical volleyball Sunday followed by Toppers pizza because I've officially become obsessed with their garlic butter dipping sauce. Sunday also marks the downfall of my health. I blame it on running around without a jacket because it was 40+ degrees here, so who needs a jacket? Playing beer pong outside and the rain.

Tuesday my volleyball team had our team pictures and the girls really seem to be getting along great and practices have been going really well lately. It always takes a little while for things to come together, but I think it's finally happening! I'm really hoping my pictures turn out because 12 hours later my co-workers questioned whether or not I was living and I was sent home from work against my will on Wednesday.

Wednesday was the beginning of holiday parties and I had to miss two of them. After I scooted myself back home on the bus, I bought a bag of cuties and a mountain of instant soup cups so that I could go to the big company holiday party that I had put so much work in to.

Our holiday party was at the Minneapolis Club and I wish I had taken some pictures of it before everyone arrived. It was gorgeous! We had an ice sculpture with our company logo that was surrounded by shrimp, a choir and a three piece jazz band with two open bars. It was so fun to be a part of organizing this event.

The company gave everyone very generous gift cards along with letting us know that we will be closed from noon on the 24th and we don't have to return until January 5th! I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do with myself during that time, but I was summoned for jury duty that starts on the 29th of December. Fingers crossed I don't get called in!

On Friday I went to my parents so my mom could take care of me and see what her doTerra oils could do to bring me back to life. She made me grilled cheese and soup and we watched a lot of Hallmark movies. That usually helps, but there was one oil that worked for my ear ache and the peppermint on my chest helped. I've actually found that, although I don't think everything she had me try worked, peppermint is like a miracle. I've been using it for my sinuses and 1-2 drops under the tongue 2 times a day and the pressure isn't nearly as bad.

The rest of the weekend was just spent checking out Total Wine, and hanging out at mom and dads house which is very Christmasy and oh so lovely.

L: moms haul. R: my haul

My first ornament

This face. I adore her.

This reindeer car
I finished the weekend with brunch at Republic for our bocce ball championship. We lost the first game and were out. Which was fine with us.

Happiest of holidays to you all!

Merry Christmas!

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