Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend Review 37: Shop till you drop

I can not believe that we are less than 20 days from Christmas! I'm also officially 2 months away from jetting of to sunny Cabo. However, our current mild temps aren't really making me crave that hot weather right now, talk to me in a month though. When you can go outside comfortably in a winter jacket and aren't afraid of losing your nose or some phalanges, you know it's a good winter day in Minnesota.

Friday night was basically the perfect night for me. I went to happy hour with some friends and then I picked up 22 Jump Street and a nice warm meal from Lund's on my way home. I was able to get to bed at a decent time so mom and I could get an early start to our day of shopping.

Late Saturday morning we headed up to Albertville in hopes of beating the crowds.  I'm not a big fan of clothes shopping because I don't know what my style is, well, I know what I want it to be but I can't afford it so I just buy what I can afford and what is on super sale. We walked in to Ralph Lauren and I immediately said 'I want everything', but we walked out with nothing.

I told my mom I want to get classy pieces because I really don't feel like I dress my age. I ended up getting a couple dresses and a blouse from Anne Taylor that were on super sale. I'm looking forward to getting them for Christmas.

After we hit all the stores we wanted to at the outlets, we headed back down to Maple Grove and hit up DSW, Home Goods, Marshalls, Costco and Whole Foods. We settled my Christmas shopping with some practical items like socks and a Britta water pitcher.

After shopping we went back to my parents so we could do some wine tasting so my mom could decide what wines she wants to serve at Christmas. We did Pinot Grigio vs. Sauv Blanc Cupcake and we both agreed to go with the Sauv Blanc. Their Pinot Grigio tasted too much like a dry chardonnay. After we topped off those two bottles she opened a deep red Menage a Trois called Midnight. It was delicious!

Sunday was my new typical Sunday. I made a nice breakfast and hung around until it was time to head to volleyball. Practice went so much better than Tuesdays practice. We added another player to the team who I think will be a great addition. She has a ton of strength and an insane jump serve.

I also realized the girls pushed back with the other coach, just as much as they did with me, she is just more authoritative than I am. We worked on passing and serving for most of the practice and I'm starting to see some nice improvements. I'm sure the season will still be filled with its ups and downs, but days like Sunday make me very excited for this season.

Junior Year Parents Night
I met with the Club Director and we signed my contract which was nice. It means it's official and I really do get paid to coach/play the best sport around.

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