Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekend Review 35: Is this your daughter?

Friday night I finally got to see the move Gone Girl. I've been wanting to see it ever since I heard the book was going to be a movie, but trying to plan a girls night was proving to be impossible, so I got to have a date night at the movies.

Like most books turned movies, I liked the book more than the movie, but if I didn't read the book, or know what it was about, I'd say it was a pretty damn good movie.

Saturday I headed over to my parents house to take advantage of cable. The trashy reality tv Gods were looking out for me. As soon as I sat down and turned on the tv Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was on and that went right in to VanderPump Rules. Then I totally caved and flipped to the Hallmark Channel where I proceeded to watch every Christmas movie they had on. It was a very productive day. I also discovered that I could absolutely survive on a box of Ritz crackers, a log of summer sausage and a block of colby jack cheese. That might have been the only thing I ate for 24 hours. Not sure if I'm proud about that or not.

On Sunday I had my volleyball teams pot luck. It was the first time I got to meet all the girls and their parents...who thought I was a player. As the parents came in I would talk with them and as more parents came they would ask if I was the parents daughter who I was talking to. I will take that as a compliment, but I certainly don't think I look like a 16 year old Sophomore.

We had our pot luck at one of the players houses out in the country, and it was one of the most beautiful houses I've ever been in. Each girl brought a dish to share and we had everything from chili and sloppy joes to fruit and bunt cake.

It was more of an informational meeting for the parents. We went over our schedule for the year, goals, rules, etc. One of the most refreshing things was seeing all the girls get along. Especially since no two girls go to the same school.  Observing a few of them, I think my biggest challenge this year is going to be keeping them focused long enough to get through 2.5 hour practices. 16 year olds have a lot of energy!

For dinner I finally got to try 5-8 Club. I had been craving a good burger for over a week, so when the 5-8 Club was suggested I jumped at the chance to finally give their Juicy Lucy a try. I would love to do a side-by-side comparison with Matt's Bar because I remember their jucy lucy being pretty good as well. I will say that the 5-8 Club has some pretty damn good french fries though.

Have a happy, healthy, and filling Thankgiving!

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  1. I didn't read the book, heard a lot about it, but the movie was quite the plot twister! I really enjoyed it, but was disappointed in the way it ended....does that mean sequel?!?

    Happy Thanksgiving!