Monday, November 3, 2014

Weekend Review 32

It had been a couple weekends since I was up to the cabin, so with nothing going on in the cities I headed up after work on Friday night to enjoy the Fall weather.

Since it was Halloween there was no traffic which is unheard of for a Friday. We did our typical dinner at Jed's and spent the rest of the night at the neighbors fire. When it finally got too cold we headed inside for some beer pong. I need to play more often because I'm really not that good. Like, at all.

Saturday was a struggle. I woke up with my Red's swirling in my stomach. When you feel like that sometimes you just have to get it out if you want to rally and make it through another day. After a failed attempt at eating breakfast I went back to bed for a few hours and finally showed my face after noon.

There is nothing better than walking outside and being greeted by a group of people all hollering 'Ali!' 'She's alive!!'

Mom and dad were across the street so I headed over and what do I do? I sit down with the folks and another cold Red's. Hair of the dog ya'll.  That basically started and ended my day. Once again, we headed to the neighbors for a fire. Dad had just replaced a door that started as the original door to the cabin, so I finally got the honor of burning an old piece of the place.

Twas a pretty door she was.

After the door, mom and I rolled over the largest log to ever grace the fire pit (or not).

We joined the neighbors for dinner before I snuck back to the cabin so I could warm up and cuddle with Miss Miley. Miley, Trixie and I got in some serious cuddle time when we fell asleep through the news and SNL.

Thanks to good ol daylight savings I was home by 9:30 am which left plenty of time to go to the grocery store, make some soup, watch the Vikings WIN! and eat a gourmet dinner before heading over to a friends for a movie night.

Gourmet dinner
We talked about doing a scary movie so we settled on The Purge: Anarchy. I kept seeing previews for it but it never connected that it was a sequel to The Purge. The second one was a bit more disturbing mainly because of the face paint and masks. Let's just say my senses were on high alert when I went home and couldn't get a parking spot right outside my door.

Good news is I'm sitting here writing this so no creepy dudes in masks/face paint shot me on my way home. Hooray!

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