Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekend Review 29

Friday after work Kari and I headed up to the cabin for the weekend. When we arrived mom had dinner ready for us before we headed to the neighbors for a few drinks.

Saturday's agenda was just to get the boat lift out of the water, the kayak/paddleboard across the street and to rake the yard and burn the leaves. Since dad wasn't with us this weekend, we asked the neighbor guys if they could help get the lift out in exchange for beer and dinner.

It was a little tricky because the pins to keep the legs down are at the base of the lift, which means someone is going to get wet. Then the legs wouldn't stay up so they kept dragging on the bottom of the lake. To top it off, one of the tires fell off when we put the lift in this Spring so you couldn't just roll it out.

Bob has a UTV with a wench on the front, so once the guys got the legs up we were able to connect it to the lift and it was pulled right in. Sounds a lot easier said than done, but at least the lift is out of the water and we don't have to worry about that for several months.

The weather on Saturday was ideal. It was sunny, there was a slight breeze and just warm enough that a t-shirt around a fire kept you comfortable.

Miley loved spending time outside laying in the grass getting as much sun as possible.

I made a great fall drink for us to enjoy outside, apple cider, bourbon and cinnamon sticks warmed up on the stove. We added an apple too.

Later in the day my cousins came over and we had a fire at the neighbors before heading inside to make dinner for everyone and have a fire inside. We sat around chatting and face-timing dad who was stuck at home with Trixie taking care of a bum leg.

Just as Kari and I were packing up to leave the cabin on Sunday, Sarah and Kelly asked if we wanted to meet them in St. Paul for some football. Since St. Paul is on the way home, we met them for a beer and some burgers and a horrible Vikings loss.

Somehow I've managed to book my week from now until Sunday which means one of two things will happen. 1) I'll be broke and dead tired come Sunday and I'll sleep the day away 2) Every single plan will be cancelled and I'll be going stir crazy for something to do. It's always all or nothing it seems.

Happy Monday!

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