Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekend Review 28

Over the weekend I headed up to the cabin to help take out the dock and boat lift. My bag was full of heavy socks, fleece lined leggings, flannel and down vests. Sadly, no flip flops or bathing suits will be packed for 8-9 months.

I ate on my way up so I could maximize my time hanging out with the neighbors. They had a big crew up so I headed over with a few drinks and fell in love with the sweetest little puppy.

He's 11 weeks old and a beagle/pitbull mix with a grey tail with a white tip. Seriously the sweetest. There was an older black lab and this little guy fell asleep on top of her. Just precious.

As the night went on, the rain that had been falling all week, turned to giant snow flakes. Nothing really stuck to the ground but what did stick was great for making snowballs and sneak attacking people when they least expected it.

Saturday was the day we planned to take out the dock and lift so while dad headed to town I took the boards off the dock so we could just pull it out. Thank goodness for trucks because when we take it out we just tie a rope to the dock and the front bumper of the truck and the dock is out in minutes.

The lift is slightly broke and its legs are pretty planted in the sand, so dad is making a device that should make the lift float and we'll be able to just guide it to shore next weekend.

The rest of the day was spent trying to stay warm but still be outside. The sun would come and go, and we had fires going, but between our fire and the neighbors, no one could seem to get theirs hot enough.

Eventually we got the fires roaring and mom brought over some peppermint schnapps and 2 Gingers whiskey to pass around the fire.

The girls had a little bit of 'girl' time when the Younique mascara was brought out. I had only recently heard about this stuff so we each tried it on one eye to see the difference and it was seriously amazing.

Don't mind how scraggly they look. This was the very first time I ever did it and I'm pretty sure I was 10 Red's in when this happened, but look at the length it adds! When I got home I just washed my face with normal face cleaner/makeup remover and it came right off. I have other mascara that adds tubes to your eye lashes and I practically have to pull out my eye lashes to remove it.

This mascara is currently in my Amazon cart waiting to be purchased.

The thing I love about leaving the cabin early on Sunday mornings is that you don't hit any traffic and can make it back to the cities in 1.5 hours and still have the whole day in front of you to be a complete bum. I ordered some Toppers pizza and watched endless new Fall TV shows. A couple that I'm loving are Bad Judge, Scorpion, How To Get Away With Murder,  and The Mysteries of Laura. Ever since Sweet Home Alabama I have such a Josh Lucas crush.

The building I live in is condo's that are mostly rented out so I was able to enjoy a little soap episode when the owner of the condo across the hall had a complaint about his tennant. It was 30 minutes of cussing and slamming the door.  Then I decided I would watch the movie The Purge, by myself. That was a smart idea.

Cheers to Monday! Wish me luck, Bocce Ball starts tonight!

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  1. Where do you get your fleece lined leggings?? I have a feeling I'm going to need a few pairs to survive winter!