Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Weekend Review 27

It seems the only thing I'm ok with being late on is coming here to document my social life so I can reread it in 20 years when I'm (hopefully) dealing with teenagers and don't have a social life. My social life will be their social life.

Anyway, this past weekend I spent Friday night at Ikea. Surprisingly, Friday nights are a great time to go because the store was dead. It also meant that people thought it was ok then to walk 4 wide at a snails pace.

I purchased a decorative bed pillow, a cheese grater, a new whisk, a baby drill, curtains, curtain rods and a cutting board. This was a very exciting night for me obviously.
Saturday I went over to Kari's for the last pool day of the year while we waited for Octoberfest to start.

Hot dogs with feet
We bought a Living Social deal to go to Octoberfest at New Bohemia, a German bar in North East. What the deal/bar didn't tell you is that the event is in a parking garage. So when it's 80 and sunny on the last weekend of September in MN, the last thing you want to do is be stuck under a cement structure.

The event started at noon, but we wanted to go later in the day because you know how day drinking can just sneak up on you. We arrive around 6:00 pm which seemed to be the transition time for the drunks that came at noon, and the folks that wanted to make this an evening event. Unfortunately for us late comers, the biffy's were over flowing to the point that if you wanted to sit, you couldn't.

Fortunately though, the deal was for unlimited beer and there were several different local breweries on hand so we were able to keep our cups full and try new beers.

We ended the night with dinner at The Bulldog, karaoke at the VFW and a night cap at Morissey's.

Sunday brought a whole lot of pain. I slept in and didn't move from my couch until I had to choose between ordering a pizza or walking across the street to the grocery store to purchase the fixings to make my own pizza. The grocery store won and I felt like a human for just a little bit. Putting on real clothes and venturing out when I'd rather be curled up on my couch.

The pizza was awesome, pepperoni and pineapple, but with it still being 80 outside, my little kitchen gathers heat rather quick and my smoke alarm does not like that. No matter how many fans blasting or windows cracked, it would not stop. So I killed it.

Monday was an odd day. I was feeling just fine, but I must have caught some kind of bug because when I got home I kept my music going and just went to town cleaning. I did 3 loads of laundry, including my bedding. Put away all my clothes, organized my closet and dresser, and vacuumed my whole apartment. There's a weird sense of joy now coming home and knowing there really isn't anything to do. So, I poured myself some prosecco and cheers'd to me and not being lazy on a Monday!

Happy huuuump daaaaay!

*Where is the camel emoji?

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