Friday, October 10, 2014

iPhone Picture Dump

Coming attcha with an iPhone photo dump. Trying not to duplicate what's been posted to IG, Twitter or FB. Speaking of FB, make sure to follow my new page here! I don't post much, but if you follow my page then you would have heard about how BookIt! is coming back and offered alums a free personal pan pizza!

 I was very happy to see that the 80's are coming back in style with nude panty hose, thick white socks scrunched down just so, and white sneakers. When can I whip out my socks with the lace trim or roll my socks to make donuts around my ankles? Has that come back in style yet?

Health and Safety fair at work today. I manned the safety booth. Those signs are my handy work. The whistles were a hit, especially since there was a double parking ramp assault mid day this week. Luckily, just before the fair, we were able to announce the perp was in custody.

 I'm sorry. I can't resist this view!

5 Miles on the treadmill the other night. PSA to all you gym rats, please be kind and wipe down your machine. I picked the last treadmill and it was soaked in sweat. Very disgusting. That's how people catch ebola.

Bocce Ball league officially started with it's meet & greet earlier this week. I think this will be a ton of fun. The managers of this bar are pretty cool which makes it all the better.

Last Thursday the Vikings got completely trampled by the Packers. I needed wine to make it to half time before changing channels. I also found a pair of those wine glasses at Marshalls and I love them!

Every girl picks up some screws with her personal products, no? The face wash and lotion have been life changing to my skin. 

Getting better about packing my own lunch and making it healthier. Fun way to mix up the flavor and save some cals on the wrap is to use hummus instead of mayo. This week has been jalapeno hummus to give it a kick. Plus it's great for dipping those veggies.

Awesome Beyonce song. Also check out Flawless and Partition.

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