Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Weekend Review 25: Goal Completed!

This past weekend was the perfect weekend in my world. I went in to it with tentative plans on Saturday and a date with my couch on Sunday to watch the Vikings. That was it.

Friday I got home from work, changed in to comfy clothes and opened up a bottle of wine, lit a candle, flipped through HBO movies and settled on My Big Fat Greek Wedding and 12 Years a Slave and that was my night. Simple and just what I needed.

Saturday I was supposed to get a long run in since you know, I'm running a half marathon in just over a month. Since it wasn't even 40 degrees out when I woke up, I grabbed my laundry and headed over to my parents to save some quarters and pick up my jackets. Fortunately I don't think I'll be needing them this week, but it's been very cold around these parts lately.

I had tentative plans on Saturday to meet a fella that I've been chatting with. It didn't happen and I was a bit down about it, but then another fella asked if I was free so I met up with him. We went to Republic for some drinks and food then walked over to Cuop d'etat for some fun cocktails. Regardless if we go out again, it was just refreshing to go out with a nice person and have a good time with good conversation.

Sunday was a bit of a struggle. I laid in bed until I knew I could order pizza and have it delivered just in time for kick off. It was a tough game to watch, especially with all the AP news. I'm not sure how I feel about this whole thing, it's a crappy situation to be in.

I was watching The League and one of the episodes was the one where Pete runs in to AP who is dating Gina Gibiatti and Pete goes through the whole 'I hate Adrian Peterson but he's such a good player, what to do' dilemma.  I kind of think that's how a lot of Adrian Peterson and Vikings fans are feeling. We hate your actions but you're AD!

Oh, and remember waaayyyy back when I said I had a goal to be debt free by 30. Well, that goal is officially complete. A couple weeks post 30, but I'm debt free and damn it feels good!


  1. Congrats on reaching your DEBT FREE goal, that is awesome!! And a big relief, I know!

    The media was all in a tizzy here in Houston over AP...I didn't realize he was from the same town I live in. It really is a crazy situation...the NFL and all it's damn drama!! (That's why I prefer college football = less drama (usually))

    Good for you for getting out and mingling! Send some of that cooler weather down here to TX...I'm so ready for it!! :)

  2. yay!!! Congrats to being debt free!!

  3. CONGRATS on being debt free!! I have the same goal and I hope I'm as successful as you!