Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Weekend Review 24: White Wedding

I have a special treat. This Weekend Review did not take place at a cabin or lake. However it did take place in Wisconsin, so that's still the same.

Friday morning Kari picked me up and we ran our Personal Attendant errands which included picking up some gladiolus from the Farmers Market, a wedding cake and the grooms ring.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, the jewelers didn't open for another hour from when we arrived so we walked up and down Grand Avenue in Saint Paul, popping in to every nail salon we could find. As we came upon the 6th salon, our final try, they had room and we were able to get our nails done!

It was all by chance that we stopped in, but for $15 for a basic manicure, I would definitely make the drive back to Grand Ave. and have them do my nails again. So if you're in St. Paul, check out LA Nails. They were awesome.

Once we had the ring, cake and flowers we were off to River Falls for Erin and Tony's wedding weekend!

Their wedding was being held at Larson's Barn just outside River Falls. There was a lot to do as far as decorating, setting up the bar and tables, arranging flowers, setting up the chairs for the ceremony ect.

And playing with horses of course.

I didn't get anything really from the day of because I was running around keeping the brides wine full and finding groomsmen to attach boutonnieres to, but here's some pictures I did get.


Table/Name Cards

Guest Book Tree/Favorites Table w/ Koozies and Cow Pies

The Grand Reveal Stolen From My Sisters Instagram

It's All About The Meat (catered by Kafe 421)

It wouldn't be a wedding without a wedding day selfie. You have to make sure you look good in pics, so they don't turn out looking like this....

You're welcome.

Sunday morning we all got up and headed home so we could catch the Vikings game. I may or may not have napped through the first half, but boy am I glad I didn't miss the second half. I'm pretty excited for football this year. 

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  1. Wow, what a beautifully decorated wedding! Really like your necklace, too, I've been on the hunt for one similar to that! Love the meme, I know all you Viking fans were excited about that game! Ha!