Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Shave Time. Shave Money.

*Dollar Shave Club did not compensate me for this post. From word of mouth I know they are a great service and one I wanted to share with you!

I've been intrigued by those advertisements on my Facebook page advertising quality razors for as little as $1 month. I spend $20 just on refills every couple of months! So when Dollar Shave Club asked if I wanted to write a post about how I Shave Time and Shave Money, I hopped over to their website, watched this video, and soon realized I don't change my razors nearly enough as I should. Then I happily obliged to writing the article.

Here are ways that I Shave Time and Shave Money in my life.

Shave Money.Clearly a lesson I just learned, and I hope you learned as well, is to quit spending money on your drugstore razors and sign up for Dollar Shave Club. So I'll get right on that.

Shave Time. Have a hot date tonight but that favorite shirt of yours is at the bottom of the dirty clothes hamper? You also have to get in a workout so when 'Hot Date Guy' picks you up you can tell him you worked out and he'll think you love fitness. Throw in your load of laundry then hit the gym/trails for a 40 minute work out. When you get back, wash will be done. Transfer to the dryer and jump in the shower then do your hair and makeup. Boom another 45 minutes gone and the dryer buzzer is going off. Bonus, you smell like fresh laundry. No one can resist the smell of fresh laundry. I do this all the time, but not for hot dates. Usually because I want to watch as many episodes of True Blood in a night as I can without interruption.

Shave Money. Don't waste your money on cable. Especially during the Summer months when everything is on repeat. Subscribe to services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. The great thing with these services is that you can share them with friends! Divide who subscribes to what since you can have multiple profiles and stream on different devices at the same time. For whatever reason my provider thought I'd love HBO with my 10 channel package, well, they were right. I do love HBO. Now I can just bring my HBO GO wherever I go and share it with my friends. Hello Summer Heights High! If that's not a good order pizza and drink wine with friends kind of show, I don't know what is.

Shave Time. Make lists. I love making lists! Then I forget them at home, at work, in the car. Now I make lists in my phones notes section because these days, no one goes anywhere without their phones. A good place to store your lists you'll repeatedly use is in Google Drive because, like I said, you always have your phone and everyone Googles. I make lists for grocery shopping so I stick to what I need and don't miss anything. Nothing like planning to make spaghetti and meatballs and you forget the marinara sauce. I make lists for packing for vacation. Going to Mexico and forgot your SPF 50? Enjoy spending $30 at the hotel gift shop for an 8 oz bottle. I also make lists for my daily tasks. When you see it written down on paper, or in your phone and you can cross it off, there's more satisfaction in just getting the work done so you can relax or play later.

Shave Money. Pack your lunches! I work downtown where there are restaurants around every corner and it's impossible to find a lunch without a beverage for under $10. That's $50+ a week just spent on lunches. That doesn't even include the groceries you have to buy for breakfast and dinner! Sundays I make my list of groceries that I'll need for the week and spend the day prepping my meals. I love to cook, so each night I'll double what I'm making and it will be my lunch the next day. This works great for salads, spaghetti, soups and chili's, etc. Plus you aren't eating the same meal twice in one day, so it doesn't really even feel like you're eating left overs. I also like to keep a stock of Ramen and instant soups or canned veggies at my desk in case I felt like gorging the night before and not leaving any leftovers for my lunch.
*Tip - eat lunch before leaving the office and walking around so all the amazing smells of fried foods, food trucks and hot dog carts don't suck you in.

How do you Shave Time and Money?

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