Thursday, September 11, 2014


Do you ever believe you are destined for something bigger? Something better? Something that will change the whole world you live in? I sure have.

The big question is. What is my destiny?

Every morning my alarm sounds at 6:30 am and I hit snooze three times before I turn on my Ray LaMontange iTunes station and groggily head to the bathroom, brush my teeth, curl my hair, put on a few strokes of makeup and under eye concealer. I walk in to my closet and grab a dress, slip on some flip flops and my glasses. I wander in to the dark kitchen and grab my pre-packed lunch and out the door I go, racing to meet the bus to the bus stop.

20 minutes later on a crowded bus, I exit at the 7th street stop, walk into my building, and take the elevator up 49 floors. I stop by my desk, switch out my flip flops for heels, grab my drinking glass and head to the kitchen to store my lunch and fill up with water.

The next 9 hours I sit in an open cube with no cube mate. The offices around me are dark and quiet. I send a few emails, enter some expense reports and collect some files. For the most part, I sit and wonder, what is my destiny? Surely this can't be it.

I think about all the things I think I could be. All the things I'd rather be doing than staring at two monitor screens, one with email, one with multiple calendars pulled up. Something more exciting. With more freedom. More creativity.

A hair dresser, jewelry designer, web designer, photographer, mother, wife, cook, top blogger (yes, that would be rather cool), fitness instructor, etc.

I've always wanted to take a cooking class, and a photography class, and a jewelry making class, and a screen printing class (however I did that in 7th grade. Doesn't count).

Years ago my parents got a nice camera but they never use it. I'm picking it up soon so I can learn how to use it. Maybe teach them a thing or two. I think my trip down Destiny's Way will start with photography. Maybe even a photography class. My food pictures will look much more enticing so maybe that will be my next turn. Food.

I feel like I have all these passions but not all the tools to complete them. To make them what I want.

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  1. I know exactly what you are saying! It always seems like my friends have met their destiny, and I'm over here like "hey, how'd I miss the train?". I feel like I've done the same things they've done, but it's not adding up for me. Just gotta keep at it I guess!

    I enjoy messing around with cameras, too, but need many more lessons before I could ever be considered good. I "borrowed" my mom's really nice DSLR (to my defense it was just collecting dust in her closet) and it's very intimidating, but I'm determined to figure it out! I'm leaving for Dubai and Turkey at the end of the month and would love to take it with me, but I'm so nervous to travel with it for fear I'll drop it, get stolen, or end up with blurry pics! Should've started practicing with it earlier in the year! sigh

    If you figure it out let me know! Ha! :)