Tuesday, September 23, 2014

#2 in the U.S.A.

Whenever you meet someone one of the questions that always seems to get asked is 'where did you grow up?'

For me that's always been a tricky question. Lately I say Maple Grove because it's where I lived the longest, for all of 10ish+ years. Off and on a little the last few years.

It's where my parents have stayed in one house the longest, 14 years, I believe, and moved in/out of approx 5 times.

It's where I graduated high school.

Fish Lake Park Trails
It's where I had my first job at Panera Bread because I was a Sophomore in high school who wasn't going to prom.

It's where my friends and I would hang out at the Applebee's on Friday nights after football games.

Fish Lake Park
It's where we would have hotel parties at the Red Roof Inn.

It's where I had my first boyfriend.

Morning sunrise
It's the place that I call home.

Maple Grove was just announced as the #2 place to live in the U.S. by Money Magazine and as an MG'er, I'm not too surprised.

When we first moved to Maple Grove the only places to go to dinner was Champp's (RIP), J Cousineaus or the Lookout. Now they have everything from Chuckee Cheese to Pittsburgh Blue.

If you wanted to go shopping you could check out Kmart, Kohls or Old Navy. Now there's the Shoppes at Arbor Lakes with Anthropology,  Victoria's Secret, J Crew, etc.

Where fine dining and shopping are today was once a gravel pit with a single dirt road that ran through it to connect you to the interstate.

My elementary school backed up to a farm. That farm is now a Park & Ride.

I've never lived anywhere long enough to see a city transform and grow like Maple Grove has.

*List in chronological order of where I have lived:
Roseville, MN (0-3)
LaCrescent, MN (3-10)
Edmond, OK (10-11)
Plymouth, MN (11-11)
Maple Grove, MN (11-14)
Mequon, WI (14-15)
Maple Grove, MN (15-20)
Minneapolis, MN (20-23)
Sioux Falls, SD (23-25)
Maple Grove, MN (25-25)
Minneapolis, MN (26-27)
St. Louis Park, MN (27-28)
Maple Grove, MN (28-29)
Minneapolis, MN (29-30)


  1. I love Maple Grove. I live out in Rogers so I frequent there a lot.

  2. I am planning on moving from my small town to somewhere bigger,,,just not Minneapolis or St. Paul. That would be too much of a change for me. This will be happening within the next year, and I do not really know what towns I should look at. I also read the article from Money Magazine about Maple Grove, it has made me look into many places around the cities. Any suggestions on locations?