Friday, August 15, 2014

PiYo week 6 + half marathon training

Week 6 of PiYo is proving to be a tad tricky since I need to incorporate my half marathon training into catching up with PiYo. I'm thinking at this point of the game I'm not going to finish in 8 weeks, but I'm certainly not quitting PiYo. Just going to ease up on the two a days and see how things go while I bring in my training runs.

Monday - I was in a funky monkey mood on Monday and couldn't find motivation anywhere. Not even in my couch cushions... which is where I planted my bottom for the whole darn night and proceeded to eat left over pizza and waffle cone ice cream.

Tuesday - I haven't ran in weeks, so I started with a two mile run. I was surprised with my ability to run the first mile under 10:00. For mile two I did sprints. The path that I went on has a ton of bridges that are spaced out pretty evenly so I would sprint to one bridge, walk to the next, and repeat.

Wednesday - I don't know what got in to me, but the PiYo bug jumped up and bit me on the butt. I did Core, Buns, and Strength Intervals. Yes, I did ALL three workouts. I threw on my Garmin after Core and burned 292 calories during Buns and Strength Intervals. I love all three, my only problem with Strength Intervals is that I live in a very old building with old, creaky hardwood floors. Running in place isn't so wonderful for my downstairs neighbor. I really love Buns and Core though. I always feel sore and it's that lovely constant reminder that you kicked your own arse.

Thursday - I had to get in another run. This was a three miler and it felt really damn good. I absolutely LOVE living off the Greenway because you are connected to miles and miles of trails and every run can take you on a new adventure. Speaking of Green things, I made my Shakeology Greenberry with a banana and I pounded it! I had done chocolate and a banana the day before and I'm just not a chocolate and banana fan, but the Greenberry and banana was amazeballs.

Friday - No PiYo and no running today. Heading up to the cabin to celebrate my dad's birthday and soak in Summer while it's still here.

Next week will be running with post PiYo, or morning PiYo with evening runs. We'll see what happens!

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