Wednesday, August 13, 2014

#Crunchmaster Crackers & Chips

In my older days I'm not much of a snacker, but I always seem to have some kind of chip or cracker around in case those hunger pangs strike and I need a quick fix.

When Crunchmaster contacted me and asked if I wanted to try some of their crackers and chips I knew I couldn't say no.

I picked 4 different flavors of their multi-grain crackers; white cheddar, sea salt, rosemary and olive oil and roasted garlic. I was intrigued by their edemame chips and chose to try the sea salt and wasabi soy chips.

 I have to admit, I didn't love the wasabi soy chips, but I wanted to take a risk and try something new. The sea salt chips were quite good. Very light and airy with just enough salt to satisfy your salt/chip craving.

When it comes to the crackers, the white cheddar blew me out of the water. I sat at my desk noshing on these babies and before I knew it, I was only picking up crumbs off the bottom of the bag.

Over the weekend I paired the sea salt and rosemary and olive oil crackers with some Wisconsin cheese spreads. The crackers are great for dipping because they don't crumble and hold up against a thick cheese spread.

If you're looking for a tasty treat I encourage you to head to your nearest grocer and pick up some Crunchmaster crackers, post haste.

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  1. I was about to say - white cheddar would definitely be my favorite!