Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Last October I made list of activities that I wanted to do before I turned 30. It wasn't a 30 before 30 list, it was just activities that I really wanted to do. Let's see how I did, shall we?

1. Join a wine club Win (sort of)
The liquor store I frequent has a wine club, but you basically just sign up and they send you specials on wine. If I trusted that no one would snatch my monthly wine delivery in my building, I'd sign up to have wine delivered. Maybe once the snow starts flying.

2. Take a vacation Win 
Girls trip to Cabo!

3. Sit in a green cushioned seat at a Twins game Win
Did one better and sat in a Suite!

4. Plan a 'cocktail' party at my new apartment 50/50
It wasn't a planned cocktail party but I have entertained friends on several occasions where cocktails were served. Since I've only been in my new location for just under 2 months, I'll give myself partial credit.

5. Go to a show at Bryant Lake Bowl Fail
They do a cabaret show that I haven't been able to find anymore. So fail for not going to a show, but fail on Bryant Lake Bowl for getting rid of the cabaret show.

6. Take a cooking class. Fail
I had high hopes that I would have met someone and we would go on fun, cute dates and a cooking class would be one of those. Doesn't that sound like such a fun date?

7. Go ice skating at the Depot or Rice Park Fail
Again, I thought this would be a blast for a date. I was asked on an ice skating date at the Depot, unfortunately we missed the season by literally a day. Every. Single. Rink closed the same week. Even though in MN it was still -20. 

8. Go to a vineyard Fail
Does a liquor store count? How about an apple orchard? No vineyard for this girl...

9. Take a photography class Fail
A while back my cousin gave me an old camera of hers that needs some fine tuning and I never had the extra cash to throw towards fixing up the camera. Once I do, I will definitely take a class and learn how to use it properly.

10. Kick ass. Take names. Win
I kicked ass and landed myself a great new job and a lovely little condo in a happening area of Minneapolis.

I didn't accomplish everything on my list, but the past year was a great one. It had its ups and downs, but 29 didn't disappoint.

August  - I went to the state fair

September - A bachelorette party in Milwaukee, a wedding in Fargo and an engagement! In non marital news, I went apple picking too!

October - I went to Octoberfest in Minneapolis and a wedding in Milwaukee

November and December were filled with holiday gatherings

January - Girls trip to Cabo!

February - I went to Crashed Ice.

March - a 7K and St. Patricks Day

April - 2nd Annual Girl Cousin Sleepover, a new 2nd cousin and I started a new job

May - I had my very first giveaway on this here blog.

June -  Summer officially came to the Midwest and I took full advantage of lake time and a bachelorette party. 

July - 2nd Annual Cousins Cabin Weekend,

August - I turn 30...

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  1. Love your list! Found your blog through MnBloggers...fellow Mn gal here too!