Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Review 17

Hello world. Today is the biggest struggle ever, but the weekend was so worth it.

I went in to the weekend thinking I would be sleeping in and have early nights. Be able to finish settling in to my new place and just re-energize for the new week and maybe take in some All Star events. Boy-oh-boy was I wrong.

Friday evening I met some friends at Tin Fish for a little happy hour that turned in to a little bar crawl.

The nats were a bit too intense for us so we hopped over to Republic for some more beverages and later to Bone Yard to enjoy some patio time. We ordered a 'pitcher' of a drink with Blackberry tea and sage and next thing we know we were brought a giant drink dispenser.  Definitely not the 'pitcher' we were expecting.

Saturday morning I was able to sleep in a little bit and take my time during the day. I got in an awesome PiYo workout that I'm still feeling today. My friend Laura was in town so she came over and we did an UpTown bar crawl. She used to live near by and wanted to check out the new locations. Little did she know, almost everything is new!

We started at the rooftop of Amore Victoria since they didn't have a rooftop a couple years back. Our next stop was Coup D'etat, which used to be an old empty parking lot next to a cowboy bar.

A few friends met us out and we brought the party to Bar Louie where we found a lounge area outside and had a few drinks.

After Bar Louie, Laura and I made our way to Bone Yard to end the night.

Laura hung around for a bit on Sunday morning before having to tackle the 6+ hour car ride back to KC. I did not envy her one bit.

Sunday was the real doozie of the weekend. Barbette is a French restaurant a block from my apartment and they were hosting a Bastille Day block party. A few friends came over to my place late afternoon for some beverages and then we hopped across the street to take in the festivities.

It was so much fun. They had live music all day, vendors, food and just a whole lot of action. We found Sun Drop slushies with your choice of vodka or whisky and we stuck with those through the evening.

The music was a great lineup of popular Minnesota musicians and the night ended with a brass band and some fire twirlers.

Happy Bastille Day!

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  1. What a fun weekend. So nice that you live in the city near everything.