Friday, July 25, 2014

PiYo - Week 3

Well, I'm off to a much stronger start for week three.

Fail to plan, plan to fail? I started the week with a shopping trip to load up on my lunches for the week so I won't be tempted by all the smells of the restaurants around. Yes, they are instant/frozen lunches, but it's better than a chipotle burrito, no?

Monday - I did both Define: Lower Body and Define: Upper Body. Even though I haven't been going at this very well, I have noticed that the moves are already getting a little easier and I can hold them much longer.

Tuesday - I did both Define: Upper Body and Core. There's a lot of the same moves, so in the future if I double up, I don't think I'll put those two together. I like the variation in Core though. It's 30 minutes and you're going from moves on your back to a lot of plank moves so you get plenty of wrist rest (say that 3 times fast!). There are definitely some challenging moves, so I really like that they encourage you to start in beginner and see if you can go to advanced. If not, just keep working at it. There were so many times where I would think something in my head and then Chalene would answer it like she was there, which was actually weird. Yet, she made the program so she would know what people are thinking at different points, right?

Food intake was much better. I had a Healthy Choice Weight Watcher lunch, some multi grain crackers for an afternoon snack and dinner was baked chicken, pasta, broccoli and carrots in a garlic seasoning. Slowly but surly I'm getting the hang of this healthy-ish lifestyle.

Wednesday - I didn't work out on Wednesday. Tuesday I went to the Dr. had some blood drawn and a tetanus shot. The Dr. said my arm might be tender for a few days. Excuse me? Might? Tuesday my arm was great. I thought I wouldn't feel anything. Tuesday night everything changed. Anytime I rolled on to my arm, I sprung awake and cringed in pain. Needless to say, PiYo and pressure on the ol arm weren't going to happen. Instead I went and ate the most delicious bacon cheeseburger and watched the Aquatennial parade and life was great!

Thursday - Thursday was another day of rest because of my arm. Maybe I'm a baby, but seriously, tetanus shots hurt. It's Friday and the pain has subsided drastically so I plan on doubling up tonight with Sweat  and Define: Upper.

Even though I haven't followed the plan to a 'T', I'm definitely noticing some changes as far as how my clothes are fitting. When I went to the Aquatennial parade the other night I thought I'd try and slip on a pair of jeans that had always been uncomfortably tight and I'd have to wear them around and do some lunges to break them in before they were comfortable. Wednesday, I slid those bad boys on and no belly over hang :)

My outer thighs seem to be slimming down, stomach is not as lumpy and I'm noticing more tone in my arms. My eating hasn't been top notch by any means. I'm definitely going to take the upcoming weekend to make sure I have the right foods in the house. If I'm seeing small changes after just 3 weeks of ho-humming it, I know I'll see more drastic changes if I ace the food part and sticking to getting my work outs in daily.

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