Tuesday, July 22, 2014

PiYo - Week 2

After the weekend I had I'm definitely struggling to get myself on track for week two.

Saturday I doubled up and did Define: Lower Body and Sweat. It was awesome! I was definitely sweating and after a week of doing the program, I was finally starting to feel like I could go through the moves rather smooth.

It's currently Tuesday and I haven't done a workout since, but I plan on doubling up again tonight by doing Define: Upper Body and Sweat, and on Wednesday I will do Define: Lower Body and whatever else is on the schedule for the day.

My food intake has been rather poor as of late as well. Part of it has to do that since I'm older, my hangovers last for 48 hours and no food sounds like it's going to stay with me for the day. But, with that being said, I'm getting in a ton of water.

When I went to a #POPSUGAR event a couple weeks ago, I was gifted this water bottle. It's pretty bomb. I've only used lemon so far, but would like to try a lime, or an orange perhaps.

I got in my workout on Wednesday before packing up and heading out of town for the rest of the weekend on Thursday. I had every intention on getting up to the cabin Thursday evening, popping in my DVD and rocking out a workout and doing the same on Friday morning. But when I arrived, the neighbors were out at their fire and I had to go say 'hey-o'. Then I stayed up way too late and the sparkling blue waters called to me Friday. So, big time fail.

I'm basically calling week 2 a complete wash. Let me sign off with my head hanging low. Very, very low.

Here's to week three and getting off on the right foot!

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