Friday, July 11, 2014

PiYo Challenge - Getting Started

These PiYo posts are basically a daily recap for myself each week to keep me in check and on schedule. If I post it, then it holds me accountable to finish. If you choose to read these and see me slacking, give me a virtual slap across the face and tell me to get my shiz in check! I will not turn down some tough love if it means I finish this program and go at it with all I've got.

Day 2. Tuesday I did the first real work out Define: Lower Body. It wasn't hard in the sense that you are fatigued and out of breath, it was hard in the sense that just holding your own body weight is exhausting. The workout was only 25 minutes, but it was enough to break a sweat for me. Plus, you really don't have an excuse to not give 25 minutes towards getting fit and healthy.

After the workout I had my first shakeology. I tried chocolate first and just blended it with water and a cup of frozen raspberries. I've tried other powders before, so I was prepared to try and gulp this down as fast as I possibly could. It was actually really delicious and I spent some time genuinely enjoying the drink while preparing some carrot sticks for the week.

*Side note: If there's one thing my mom has taught me, it's to buy organic carrots. Trust. It makes all the difference.

Day 3. Wednesday I started the day with another shakeology, only this time it was the greenberry. When I ordered my challenge pack, I thought I ordered chocolate and vanilla, so I was really disappointed when the package came and greenberry was inside. From all the reviews I read, it sounded like eating grass. I don't know about you, but when I put something in my mouth, I at least want it to taste good.  Unless I win Wimbledon of course, then I'll eat the grass.

Wednesday's workout was Define: Upper Body, and again is just 20-25 minutes. There was a lot of push-ups and planks. What I'm liking so far is that they show basically the three levels of each move. Beginner, intermediate and advanced. A few of the moves I can do the advanced, but most I'm going at beginner. Especially the push-ups. I have a very weak upper body and triceps push-ups are not my friend.

Day 4. Thursday has been a bit of a fail. Honestly, I feel like the third/fourth day of any new routine is the hardest day. Especially when it comes to food. I ran out of hard boiled eggs, so I just packed my greenberry shakeology, cantaloupe and carrots. Once lunch time rolled around, I could literally hear the food trucks calling my name. One in particular, Dandelion Kitchen, has the best ham & brie sandwich. So, I splurged. It's Farmers Market Thursday, I'm weak and I needed my fix. I'm sorry. Actually, no, I'm not sorry. Everything was organic and on the list of approved foods, except the ham.

I'm also going to a brewery birthday happy hour after work. I'm constantly telling myself I can only have one drink, then I must go home and get in day 4's routine which is Sculpt.

BREAKING NEWS: I had two beers and a buffalo chicken pizza. Then I went to Butcher and the Boar and had another beer. I then took the bus home and proceeded to have another drink while watching This Is 40 and I did not to the day 4 workout.

The plan? Double up on Saturday to get back on track with the schedule. This is the exact reason why starting next week, I'm going to get the workouts in before work. I like having my evenings open for socializing and patios.

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