Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Beachbody Challenge: PiYo

Remember last week when I said I had an exciting package waiting for me at home? It was my Beachbody PiYo Challenge pack complete with Shakeology, PiYo DVD's, workout calendar etc.

I really need to get my rear in gear and when I came across PiYo from Jessica's blog, I was really intrigued.  PiYo is No weights, No jumps, which is exactly what I need with my old lady knees.

The challenge starts today. Monday July 7th and I'm going to be coming here to share with you how I'm doing with the workouts, eating and toning/losing lbs.

It's a 60 day challenge which will bring me right up near my 30th birthday. I would love nothing more than to be able to really rock a bikini over Labor Day weekend with all my friends and family while celebrating entering a new decade.

The bonus about moving right before this challenge is that the only thing in my fridge at the moment is a pitcher of water, a bottle of prosecco, a box of hard cider and my left over flat bread from dinner. This gives me a completely clean platform to start from. I don't have to go through and purge all the bad food, I just have to keep the bad food from coming in to my home.

What I'm loving so far, is that Beachbody made this incredibly simple to understand as far as what I need to eat and how much. I worked out my servings and am heading to the grocery store to load up.

Coming attcha on Tuesday now...

I'm not exactly sure how I'll share this challenge whether it be daily or just whenever I flipping feel like it.

Last night I started with the Alignment DVD. I'm not a yogi so it was quite beneficial for someone like me who doesn't know what all the moves are, to sit and watch and practice each move.

Dinner was so-so. I made homemade chicken fajitas with onions and green peppers. If you are my mother reading this right now, no, you don't have to re-read that. Yes, onions and green peppers.That wasn't the so-so part. That would be the corn tortillas. I think I'll be bringing those to the cabin to feed to the fish. Next time it'll be a fajita salad.

My plan is to follow the workout calendar that came with the program. This week I'm going to do each workout at night while I'm still working on settling in and getting everything squared away (tonight I get to spend at Comcast. It's ok. You can be jealous).

Next week I'm really hoping that, since I have so much extra time living closer to work, I'll get my PiYo workouts in when I wake up so I have my evenings free to go on walks/runs around the lakes!

In the off chance that you want to see what I'm eating in more detail, you can check that out here.

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