Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekend Review: 13

I think it's slightly ironic that this is the 13th official Weekend Review and Friday was Friday the 13th!

The weekend started on Friday with a little solo happy hour. I had plans to meet my sister for dinner, but she wasn't going to be ready until around 7:00 pm, so I stopped at Seven and Cowboy Jacks for a drink while I worked my way to my car.

We decided that we would go to Yardhouse, a newer restaurant at West End. I was surprised at how big the restaurant was and how the menu was even bigger! Since we couldn't decide on one thing, we shared the Moo Shu egg rolls, bearnaise sliders and their brownie with mint chocolate chip ice cream. Our server suggested that if you see something you like, just shut the menu and go with it because there are so many options.

Saturday morning I went to go check out a condo to rent. I loved it, and now I'm moving July 1st to UpTown! I'm so excited! Kari and I were supposed to go check out an event at the farmers market, but she decided hanging with her beau was a better option, so I walked down to The Lowry for breakfast and a mimosa while I put together a game plan.

POPSUGAR and Simple Skin Care hosted an event #kindtocityskin at the Minneapolis Farmers Market. It was fun to try some samples and check out the products. There were different stations from skin care, healthy eats, massages, yoga, and my favorite - an app that showed how you would age in your current environment in 15-20 years! They simply took a picture of your face, entered in your location and age range and let the app do its work. I was pleasantly surprised when the woman running the station said I won't have too much damage to my skin due to the environment that I live in.

Those are strawberries with banana's+greek yogurt. So good! I also can't get the delicious taste of the mint tea out of my mind!
I didn't realize this until I started checking out Simple Skin Care's products, but I use their face wipes whenever I travel. I don't trust liquids in my suitcase, plus a handy little wipe is so much easier for me and I'm more likely to clean my face at the end of the night.

If you went to all of the stations and collected your stamps, you would be put in a drawing to win $600 and each person walked away with a goodie bag of samples. I couldn't wait to get home and pop open my box of must haves!

I can't wait to get working out with the Tone It Up gals and to try the Citrus Zinger water bottle.

Saturday afternoon we had a wedding shower to get to for my cousin Erin. No one will deny that my mom and aunts can throw a great party, especially when it comes to the food. It was a tasting menu with lobster rolls, chicken satay, wontons, shrimp and mango salsa, stuffed mushrooms, beef and potatoes, deviled eggs and so much more.

The theme was fairy garden, so my aunt, the Godmother to Erin, made her a little fairy garden as her shower gift and each guest got to walk away with some fairy dust and succulents from my moms garden.

By the time the shower was winding down, huge storms came rolling in. I love a big storm as long as the tornadoes stay away. The thrash of lightening and roaring thunder are so exciting to me. I don't know why.

Sunday was Father's Day and my dad spent most of the day up at the cabin where he likes to be. He came home later that afternoon so we could all take him to dinner at Chino Latino. I was his DD, and he took full advantage of that, as he should on his special day.

Capitan Estaban
Chino Latino has the best Sunday happy hour and I'm so excited I'll be living just around the corner! I think I know what I'll be doing for dinner for the next year!

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  1. I wish I had gone to that event. We had such a lazy weekend though I was not feeling like waking up early and going. And I am so jealous that you are moving to uptown!!