Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend Review: 12

Ever have one of those weekends where it seems to fly by yet also feel quite long? That's exactly the weekend I had, and it was a wonderful one at that. Nothing too exciting happened, it was just the perfect balance of friends, family, socializing and relaxing.

Friday after work I headed home with my new favorite Sauvingon Blanc from Trader Joe's (someone had just bought out their Seccolo right before I walked in. sad.), poured a glass and spent the evening on the porch chatting with mom and dad. It's pretty rare that they are home over the weekend, but it was nice to have people to hang out with vs. the dogs.

As we were talking about firing up the grill the winds picked up and rain came down so we headed down to Rusty Taco. I've never been before, but if you go, may I suggest a blended margarita and their crunchy chicken tacos. Very delicious.

We watched a couple episodes of Orange Is The New Black. I was kind of disappointed in the first episode of the second season. It just wasn't holding my attention, so I took Miley for a quick walk around the lake where we encountered a deer and a whole ton of mosquito's.

Saturday morning I slept in and was greeted by Miss Miley who needed someone to be lazy with. We hung out in bed, watched a movie and refreshed my nails. I'm quickly learning that there's a reason some nail polish is $9 and others are $2. The $2 just isn't cutting it.

Later in the day I went over to a friends house for some girl time. We went to dinner at Wakame and I tried my first sushi. I let them pick the sushi and just tried a few pieces, but was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked. Most of my favorites had shrimp tempura, but surprisingly, one was a raw tuna. I'm not a big seafood/fish lover, but these were quite tasty.

After dinner we walked over to Whole Foods to pick up dessert. Never, and I do mean never, send three tipsy girls into the dessert section of the grocery store. Especially one that has such amazing options. I chose a chocolate cake and a peanut butter oatmeal bar. Once we were satisfied with our dessert selections, we wandered next door to the liquor store where they had a little framboise tasting. We bought a few bottles to imbibe in.

The rest of the night was spent sitting out by the pool, sharing stories, eating amazing desserts and drinking probably a tad more than necessary.

I slept in their living room with the dogs, so I was woken up with a lovely slobbery kiss to say Happy Sunday! When I got up I was proud that it was 9:00, only to get out to my car and realize it was only 8:00. I headed home to relax, and relax I did.

I downloaded The Fault In Our Stars so I can read that before seeing the movie. It was the perfect morning to sit on the deck with a book and get some sun at the same time. This is the first time I've bought a non paper book and I think I can get on board. There really is nothing better than holding a paper book and the satisfaction of feeling the pages in your right hand get smaller and smaller until you finish the book. With an electronic book, you don't quite get the same satisfaction. Oh well.

I told my self that I'm going to get in three miles every day, so in an attempt to not let myself down and to clear my head of the constant wonder of whatever dating situation I find myself in, I laced up my shoes and went for a two mile run around the hood then picked up Miss Miley for a final mile (speaking of dating situations, I received an email this morning from a married man who offered to let me be his SB (Sugar Baby), I would get a monthly allowance and be able to date other men, in fact, he encouraged it. That man was blocked.)
The rest of the evening was spent relaxing with a dip in the hot tub, a lovely grilled chicken dinner, a movie with mom and the crowning of Miss USA. I appreciate a nice Sunday that lets me soak it in before having to sit under fluorescent lights for the next five days.


  1. OMG that email! Some people are so scary haha

  2. I'm not a fan of e-books. I'd much rather have the book than an electronic device. TFIOS is one of my very favorite books. The movie was really good as well. Stayed on track with the book. Hope you like it!

  3. I have to stick with my paper books. I will not be converted! haha I have TFIOS but haven't had time to start reading it yet :( stupid summer classes taking up all of my time.