Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Flowers for Everyone!

Ok, not really, but wouldn't that be nice?

If there's one thing that can brighten my day on the cloudiest of days, it's flowers, so when I was offered flowers in exchange for a post from TheBouqs.com, you better believe I jumped on that!

Flowers arrived perfectly packaged.
The ordering process was incredibly simple. The most difficult part was trying to decide if I should have the flowers sent to my home or office. Obviously I spend more time in the office and with all the fluorescent lighting, my cube could use some brightening up, but then I'd have to explain 'who' sent me the beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. I opted to have the flowers sent to my house so I could enjoy them with some wine and keep it a secret that I sent myself some amazing flowers.

Fresh roses and calla lilies
In several of my professional roles, one of my job duties has been ordering flowers for multiple occasions. Flowers for funerals, get well flowers, congratulatory flowers and flowers just because. If there's one thing I've noticed, it's that not all flower shops or online delivery flower shops are created equal.

I was thoroughly impressed with the condition and quality of the flowers when they arrived.

Here's a little background on TheBouqs.com and what makes them so unique and a trusting company.

*They cut the flowers on the day you order and deliver straight from the farm! A California, eco-friendly farm that is.
*TheBouqs only cuts what they sell. No waste here!
*Their Volcano stems come from the side of a real, live, active volcano! This means more sun which means more color!
*There's a flat $40 charge that includes shipping! (I don't know about you, but shipping always turns me off)
*Checking out has never been more simple with their three step check out.

Do you feel like you want to brighten up your office/home? Click here and order the most beautiful flowers!

Honestly, my mom hasn't stopped raving about these flowers to anyone and everyone. She keeps talking about the bright color and how many flowers were in the bouquet. Plus, it's a pretty cool story to share when you say that these flowers came all the way from South America from the side of a volcano!

*Thebouqs.com offered me a bouquet of flowers in exchange for this blog post. All opinions/comments are 100% my own.

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