Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend Review: 9

This isn't just any Monday, this is the Monday before (in my world) Summer officially starts! Next Monday is Memorial Day, aka, the weekend were all Minnesotan's and Wisconsinites head North and dust off the ol cobwebs on their cabins.

That's just what my family did this past weekend and it was wonderful! I headed North Friday after work. One of my favorite things to do. As someone who really doesn't enjoy driving all that much, I really love the hour and forty-five minutes I get to myself in the car with the radio turned up and my songs playing. Half way through the trip my taste in music does a 180. I was getting bored with the radio while I headed up the interstate so I slid in an old school Christina Aguilera CD from over a decade ago and belted out the whole disk. By time track one came on again I was taking the off ramp to hit some North woods highways, I plugged in my iPhone and the sounds of Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, Brett Elgridge and the likes came blaring through my speakers.

As I pulled up to the cabin, mom and dad had just wrapped up their chores for the day and were waiting for me with their drinks in the front rocking chairs. We headed to Jed's Laker Lounge for dinner and the server brought over my parents drinks right away. They are definitely regulars. We got their fried pickles per usual because they are honestly the best fried pickles I've ever had.

View from dinner at Jed's
After dinner we headed over to the neighbors for a bon fire. we got pretty lucky in the neighbor selection and get along with them pretty well. We spend a lot of time at each others cabins and always text to see who's coming up for the weekend.

Saturday was go-go-go. I got up and took Miley for a quick walk before running some errands. I decided to get a fishing license this year, haven't decided if I'll actually use it or not, but there were times last summer where I wanted to cast that rod but couldn't without my license. We see the DNR patrolling our lake too often to risk it.

I spent the whole day outside which I'm so happy I was able to do. We've had such a brutal winter and so far a rather chilly and wet Spring, so I soaked up all the warmth and sun I possibly could. I helped dad dig a trench to lay some electrical from the house to the pole barn and we put the dock and pontoon in the lake!

I have a short week this week and I can't wait to be able to relax on the boat with a cold one in my hand for four whole days!


  1. I love how in colder climates everyone has summer cabins and camps. My family is all from Central, New York and they all have cabins. That's one thing I really don't like about the South, no one really has a summer vacation spot.


  2. I wish we had a cabin they sound like so much fun