Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Weekend Review: 10 - Memorial Weekend!

Happy Monday Tuesday!

I wish Tuesdays were always the start of the work week. It just sounds nicer than Monday.

Anywhoo, here's whats been going on as of late.

Wednesday I went on my first 'Blate' with Lindsey from Life on Countryside. It was so fun to actually meet in person considering I read about what's going on in her life practically daily.

Thursday I went on a real 'date'. I don't read about his life daily, but we had a lovely time chatting, sharing stories and getting to know each other over a couple cold ones.

Thursday night I headed up to the cabin to start my long weekend. I'm so happy I took Friday off so I could go up early. When I arrived Bob, Jeff and mom were sitting around the fire. It was really nice to be able to sleep in and wake up refreshed instead of having to drive and deal with traffic. It just starts the weekend off on the right foot.

The next couple of days all kind of mixed in together so here's what I did.

I drank a lot of Red's Apple Ale. It's absolutely my new favorite apple beer to drink. I don't get the gut rot like other ciders, or like that big ol can of Lime-A-Rita.

I went paddle boarding for all of 10 minutes on a windy day and can still feel it.

I played Annie Annie Over with kids ranging from 4-64 and had a blast!

We had nightly bon fires at the neighbors.

I grilled a ton of food from a pork butt to brats and burgers.

I got an insane amount of sun and now my skin feels so happy! Now it's time to work on fixing the tan lines.

We took a boat ride around the lake which never gets old. I swear I always see a new house.

I helped dad level out the dock, put the boards on and Joe, Kayla and I got the boat lift in.

All around it was the perfect Memorial weekend with amazing weather, food, friends and family. Just over a month until we get to do it all over again for the 4th of July!


  1. Glad you had a great weekend. Tuesday are definitely so much better than Mondays!


  2. Sounds like a fun weekend. I am so glad that we got some nice weather! I am all for Tuesday's being the start of the work week :)

  3. Hey just wanted to stop back over to let you know that you are a no reply blogger :( that means I can't email you back in response to comments you leave on my blog. It is super easy to change you can just google it quick if you'd like :)