Thursday, May 1, 2014

Temporary Resident

For the next week I am a temporary Minneapolis resident and I'm kind of loving it. I forget what it's like to live so close to so many things that you can just walk to pick up a bottle of wine, dinner, groceries, etc.

The friends I am dog sitting for stocked me up with Stella's Cider and Red's Apple. I told them not to worry about food because I wanted to take advantage of being so close to so many restaurants. Sure there's a Noodles & Co, Jamba Juice, Whole Foods, Chipotle etc. in the burbs where I currently live, but you can't walk to those locations, walk home and still have warm food.

Last night was the big game 7 for the Wild. Wednesday nights are my TV night with Law & Order: SVU and CSI so I flipped over to the game during commercials and went to bed when my shows were done. In reality, when you're living in an apartment complex, you don't have to watch the game at all. I knew when the Avs scored, I knew when there was a bad call and I certainly knew when the Wild scored! By the looks (and sound) of it, there were a lot of hockey viewing parties at the complex last night. BTW Go Wild! Going head-to-head with the Chicago Blackhawks! I can only imagine the insanity that would go on when the Wild make it to the Cup and bring it home!

When I agreed to this dog sitting gig I dreamed of sleeping in until 7 and not having to catch a bus until 7:30 and making it downtown with plenty of time to get coffee before 8:00 AM. Boy was I wrong. Even though I'm 15 miles closer to work, it takes just as long to get there, if not longer. I don't mind it though. City buses are a whole new ball park then suburban buses with a whole new crowd. There a little livelier too. For some reason I'm more willing to get out of bed right at 6 when my alarm goes off than I am at home.

Watching a big dog is so much different than watching my little lady. He has so much energy, which I probably would too if I was in a kennel all day, but I swear, no matter how much we play or wrestle, there is no tuckering this guy out. From the moment I let him out of the kennel in the morning to the moment I out him back in at night, he is just a big ball of energy. And he likes shiny things. Which means he's been trying to eat my new MK watch. Last night he finally settled down for a bit and it was so lovely. He laid on my legs like a big blonde soft blanket, let out a sigh, a little grumble and sunk right in.

I can't wait until this rain stops (I think I'm going to do a rain dance today), so we can take a walk around the lakes finally!

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