Friday, May 2, 2014

Getting Down On Friday

I can't express how happy I am that it is Friday!!

This has been a trying week. I'm still new at my position, it was the end of the fiscal year, and the person who was supposed to be training me, decided to just stop showing up to work. I swear, I'm not that hard to work with. But, I was pre-warned that she doesn't show up on the 'important' days of the month/year.

A few days started with tears (that no one saw), but I was so overwhelmed trying to wrap up the year and complete tasks that someone else started or that I was never taught. I work with several PhD's and Psychology majors. When those people ask how you are, never say fine. They know what fine really means and will get you to tell them how you really feel. So, I'm learning to use more descriptive feeling words.

Well, I haven't 'linked-up' in a while, so let's get to Friday Favorites!

Music I've had a few songs stuck in my head all week long and they are all country. To me country music means Summer, cabin, lakes, boat rides, late night bon fires with the neighbors, fireworks, yard games, Busch Light, sand bar, grilling, Northwoods roads with the windows down and all around the most prefect time of the year. Ever. (Ice off was last weekend so Summer is close!)

Compliments I woke up having one of 'those' days. You know the kind. You feel gross, fat, bad hair, no make-up seems to do its job and you can't find anything to wear so you stop by Target on the way to work to buy a new shirt (, I don't do that....). Then some guy holla's at you and says 'Girl you look like a million dollars today! Damn!' Before that, I was feeling more like one dollar.

Western Themed Parties This weekend a friend is having a Western themed party at a cowboy bar downtown. Saturday night there is also a Wild West Pub Crawl downtown. Bring on the cowboys!

Warmer Weather By warmer, I mean it's going to be in the 50's and no rain! I took Liam for a walk last night and he loved it. Especially when I would sprint with him. I've never walked the Greenway until last night and I feel like it's this magical mystical path. There were houses and apartments along the path that you wouldn't see from the road that are just jaw dropping. Seriously. I want to meet the people that can afford those houses.

Favorite Moment of the Week Being contacted by Qdoba to partner with them for Cinco de Mayo on Monday so stop by next week for a special treat!

Oh, look at the time. It's almost happy hour!

Have a fabulous weekend friends!


  1. Love those cowboy boots so fun!!! Thanks so much for linking up!!!

  2. I love your music choices. They are all so fun. Hope your next week goes better now that the fiscal year is brand new <3


  3. YUMMM qdoba! there used to be one in my office building - so dangerous