Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Review: 6

Per usual the weekend went by way too fast and I would like to have another day to catch up on everything that I wanted to do but thought lounging on the couch was more important.

Friday started out in an interesting way. I was able to leave work a little early and was asked if I wanted to grab a drink by a somewhat mystery Tinder man. He only had one picture. You can't trust people that only have one picture. He suggested meeting at McCormick & Schmicks and let me know he was the guy at a table in the bar in a black shirt. Sadly, I walked in, noticed a d bag sitting at a table alone with his sunglasses on who was wearing a black shirt. Never, and I do mean never, wear sunglasses inside unless you're in a greenhouse or atrium! I should have known that was him and just kept walking. As we chatted things got worse. His name was wrong and he was several years older than his posted age. We had one glass of wine and called it good. The real treat was when we stood up to leave, me in my flats, and he only came up to my shoulder. Men, don't lie. Especially if you actually plan on meeting someone in person. The truth comes out.

After my brief happy hour meeting I headed up to my aunt and uncles house who were throwing a little 'get-to-know-you' party for my cousins fiance. I didn't stay too long since I'd be spending some time with them the next day, but it was really nice to get some summer type food in my belly. My uncle fired up his grill for burgers and they had potato salad and baked beans. I'm ready to over indulge on summer food. Stat.

Saturday started way too early. Like 6:00 AM early. I didn't have any plans. I just can't sleep in. My internal clock won't let me. I was able to do a couple loads of laundry and since I had a few hours before I had to go anywhere I did a little coconut oil hair mask. My scalp has been extremely flaky to the point where I want to shave off all my hair. I figured a nice hair mask would help and help it did. I just slathered on some oil from the roots to tips, stuck my hair in a plastic bag, tied it on top of my head and waited 30 minutes. I knew I would have to wash my hair a few times so I washed it twice and then blow dried. It was still super oily and piece-y so back to the shower I went and washed my hair another three times until I knew for sure I had washed all the oil out. Several days later and my head is not nearly as flaky as it has been.

Saturday afternoon I met some cousins and my sister for a Twins game. I dubbed it 7th Wheel Day since I had invited my sister to make numbers even, but she invited the dude she's been dating so once again I was the odd one out. We went to Glueks for pre game $2 mystery beers.

I tell ya. Nothing I classier the some Hamm's beer. The game was nice in the fact that we finally won one against Detroit, but I get so distracted taking in everything at the stadium that I didn't watch a whole lot of the game. Afterwards a few of us decided to stop by 8th street for some nachos before heading home. That's where I discovered Stella's has a cider and it's delicious! I've been on a Red's kick lately, but if I see the Stella cider I'll definitely go for that!

Saturday night I went up to Big Lake to hang out with another cousin. One of the bars up there was doing a fundraiser for a softball team so we got our red Solo cups, handed over our $10 and drank all the Coors Light we wanted... well, until the keg was gone. We played a ton of l tabs, my first time ever. I got a couple $2 winners which was fun!

It was a nice drive up to Big Lake that I forgot to shut my sunroof so I had a nice surprise when I got back to my car the next morning. Luckily it wasn't all the way open, but I had a nice 25 minute drive on a soaking wet seat.

The remainder of the week I'm dog sitting for some friends who escaped this miserable weather for Hawaii. They live in a complex I've been looking at so I'm kind of excited to be able to get a feel for what it would be like to live there before signing a lease. Plus I'll be in Uptown so the dog and I can take lots of walks around the lakes (if the rain ever stops)!

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