Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekend Review: 5 and Easter

This past weekend flew by and I think I stood the whole dang time except to sleep.

First off, I did pretty good with my vow to not shop during lent. I broke the vow a tad early when I got an unexpected pay check and found myself browsing the Michael Kors watches at Saks Off 5th which happened to have a sale that ended that day so I splurged and got myself a congratulatory gift for getting the new job (run on sentences are my jam).
Since lent ended on Saturday I let myself go on a little shopping spree at the outlet mall and it was awesome. I walked away with some great new work clothes and shoes. Everyone was having monster sales. The GAP’s whole store was 50-70% off. I only walked out of there with two items (tip: AAA customers also get an extra 10% off at GAP Outlet if you show your card), one being the most perfect maxi skirt. It’s so comfortable and the perfect length.

This Easter was all under my control which I loved. From setting the table, buying and arranging the flowers, what platters to use and how I wanted all the food to taste, etc.

I started getting everything ready on Thursday by setting the dining room table and trying a gazillion table cloths and different napkin shapes. My mom would say that’s a big no-no because the plates, glasses and everything else on the table will get dusty. When you’re a one woman show, you don’t care about dust. You just want a pretty table.

Friday my OCD shined bright like a diamond as I sat down and sorted the jelly beans by color and made sure each egg held the exact same number and color of beans. We try to keep the candy consumption down so each person got two eggs with jelly beans, a Reese’s egg and a Cadbury egg.
Saturday was go-go-go after my shopping trip. I know the dogs were not happy with me because I was constantly going up and down the stairs and wouldn’t sit down so they could get some tummy rubbing time in. I made the most delicious salad dressing for our salad, cut up fruit, made some flower arrangements, colored my deviled eggs shells. It was a ton of work and I have a whole new appreciation for anyone who has ever hosted a nice sit down event at their house.

Sunday I set my alarm for 8:00 AM, hopped in the shower and immediately got to work on making my homemade au gratin potatoes. Every kitchen needs a mandolin. It makes slicing so much easier and prettier. The ham got its glaze and before I knew it 11:30 was here and guests were arriving. We ate just before noon and everyone seemed to enjoy the food and went back for seconds.

After everyone left mom, dad and I moved out to the deck where I actually got a little sun burn. It felt so surreal to be sitting outside in the sun in a skirt and sleeveless shirt when just a few days ago we got nearly a foot of snow and I had to break out my winter jacket again.

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter and/or weekend! 

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  1. Congrats on the party hosting! It can be so stressful - esp when you have to cook all yourself!