Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Review: 4

Howdy! I had quite the Saturday funday that was totally not planned...and that's alright with me.

Friday was a typical Friday night. I had a couple drinks while catching up on some Bravo T.V. and went to bed nice and early. Why did I go to bed early on a Friday? Because I had big plans to get up, make a nice breakfast, work out and clean my room of course! That did not happen. Not one bit of it.

I managed to not get out of bed until my cousin Pam texted and suggested we get some mimosas. As a true lady I accepted her offer, but we never got mimosas. Her brother became a new dad so we met at the hospital to meet baby Theodore!

It's been a very long time since I've held such a 'fresh baby. I could seriously sit there and watch him forever even though he didn't really do anything. I'm such a sucker for babies. After we visited with the new parents and baby Theo we thought we should get going on our original plans, but since it was the lunch hour we went to the Bulldog NE for burgers and some Sociable Cider Werks cider.

Neither one of was had plans for the rest of the afternoon so we walked across the street to Whitey's while we chatted and planned out what we should do. The day was getting warmer so I suggested we go to Fulton and have a beer or two on the patio. Not totally realizing what time it was and that the Twins game just let out the brewery was hopping. We grabbed our beers and headed outside where we ran into my older sister, BIL and his brother. We don't hang out too often so it was nice to be able to sit with them and chat a little bit.

Pam and I talked about getting some food at Smack Shack since I had never been and she was a big fan of their Lobster Mac n' Cheese, but I had a 'date' that I was supposed to meet later. He was on his way to meet up with some buddies at Cowboy Jacks and suggested we just come there and if we want we can head to our original date location later. That never happened. He works with another cousin so Erin and Tony came out and met up with us to have a couple of drinks.

It was a very unexpected yet fun and family filled day.

Sunday I was dead on the couch and watched the last 5 episodes of The Following. So glad I'm caught up. Those were some good episodes and I'm really excited to see what happens tonight.

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