Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Reason Why I'm Lovin It

I mentioned last week that I got a new job. Now let me share with you some reasons why this job, so far, is a match made in career heaven.

1. Travel planning. I might not get to go to these really cool locations that I'm making travel arrangements for, but I do get to do all the planning which is kind of a hobby of mine. Nerd, I know. Right now I just finalized a trip to Paris. This meant checking out hotels, playing on Bing and Google maps, putting together itineraries etc. I dare you to Bing map Paris. Bing map the Banana Republic in Paris, I'm just using it as a reference point because I zoomed past it the other day while browsing the streets of Paris and falling in love with everything I saw. The buildings, the people, everything! Next up is Singapore. Will that be the next destination I crave to visit?

Streets of Paris via Bing maps
2. I get business cards. That means I'm a big deal. I've been an Administrative Assistant for about 9 years now and have never been allowed to have business cards. Now it's a requirement. I can't wait to hand those babies out!

3. The view. It's totes the shiz ya'll and I do not lie about that. I've shared several pictures, but what's one more going to hurt?

4. On my welcome blurb sent out to my team I shared that I have a Yorkie. Everyone here has Yorkies! If it's not a Yorkie, it's a dog of some sort, but I kid you not, 4 people have told me they have Yorkies. Then we get to share stories and pictures because we don't have kids to talk about. This means people don't make fun of my dog-that's-not-a-dog-dog-because-its-so-small. They even think the name is cute and fitting for a small fur ball. Yorkie owners/lovers unite!

5. Finally, one of the best things about this position is that I'm not sitting at the front desk answering phones all day. Some days my phone doesn't even ring! When I met with the recruiter that found me this position I said the number one thing I dislike about being an admin is being tied to the phones. She came through and found what I believe to be the perfect job fit for me.

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