Thursday, April 17, 2014

Random Thoughts: Turtles

Sometimes I think that if the world was full of Ali’s it would be a pretty awesome place. Granted there would be clothes strewn about and happy hours would consist of mozzarella sticks and boxed wine, but is that really such a bad thing?
The thoughts that run through my mind I can’t help but wonder why the heck that popped into my train of thought.  That's why I wanted to start a blog way back when. I wanted a place to share my random thoughts.
This is what I was thinking about this morning while on a snowy bus ride in to work. Driving down the interstate I see an open pond with what was most likely a rock with some snow on it, but my imagination suggested it could be a duck/goose butt sticking out of the water, cause ya know, they do that. Then I got to thinking I wonder how long ducks can stay under water? That thought quickly changed to turtles because I just learned turtles can breath out of their butts. You decide if that’s true or not.
So turtles…last summer I picked up a turtle and it immediately began peeing. Did I literally scare the piss out of this poor turtle or was it a defense mechanism to freak me out so I would put the turtle down? Do you think when a human picks up a turtle, or even your dog, they are like ‘wee! I’m so high I can see the top of the counter from here!’, or ‘do it again! I just moved at the speed of light!’
Then I thought, what if we were the size of turtles and something just came by and picked us up? Would that totes freak you out, or would you want them to do it again?

I think if that were to happen to me and all went smoothly that I’d welcome being picked up again. Maybe even spun around a time or two!

The next time you see someone smirk when they are sitting all alone, or riding the bus, try to imagine they are thinking they are the size of a turtle and being picked up by a human who is flying the turtle through the air like a toy airplane.  I’ll bet you’ll smirk too!


  1. and just when i thought i had random thoughts. hahah. that turtle picture is the best!

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