Friday, April 18, 2014

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail

Once upon a time I got to play the Easter Bunny. It was the second best Easter I’ve had, after all the ones when I was a kid myself, of course.

My mom was always the best Easter Bunny (Santa and St. Nick) and would get really creative. One year the Easter Bunny left us a note from the Bunny himself and even attached part of his furry little cotton tail. I remember how excited I was that the Easter Bunny wrote us a note and  I wanted to re-create that moment for someone else.

The note went something like this.

Dear J:

Happy Easter! I had so much fun hiding the eggs around your house. Do you think you’ll find them all? You’re so clever, I bet you will!
I’m sorry you don’t get to see me, but I make my deliveries very early in the morning. Also, the Easter Bunny Rules say that kids aren’t allowed to watch me.

I hope you like your Easter basket. I filled it full of candy and little toys especially for you. It’s so fun to pick out things for good little boys and girls!

Please have a wonderful Easter Sunday with your family. I’ll be back again next year, hopping down the bunny trail to your house.


The Easter Bunny

While I played inside with this little lady, her Grandma and Dad were outside hiding the eggs and each egg would have a clue to where the next egg was and eventually where her basket was hidden. It was so much fun to hear her squee with excitement every time she found a new egg.

When I found out the truth about all these magical characters I was devastated. Little did I know, it’s almost more fun being the character and making the magic happen and creating memories for little ones.

Since I don’t have anyone to play Easter Bunny for anymore, this year I’m putting it on for my family and friends. Yes, I still live at home, which is all the more fun because I get to use all of my mom’s dishes, table cloths, candles, decorations, etc.

PS – The Easter Bunny is so magical you can get your little one to do anything. Even change into a special Easter dress to match the family. We did that and she once again squeed because the Easter Bunny picked out the dress just for her and it matched her dad and me.

I tell ya, these guys are magical no matter how old you are.

Happy Easter and a Good Friday to all

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